Who Is Gitte Courtois? Mother Of Thibaut Courtois

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Who Is Gitte Courtois? Mother Of Thibaut Courtois

Gitte Courtois is the mother of Belgian footballer Thibaut Courtois who plays as a goalkeeper for Real Madrid and the national team of Belgium

She is married to Thierry Courtois. Both of them were semi-professional volleyball players. 

Gitte was a physiotherapist by profession. Despite them being a volleyball lover, they never forced Thibaut to pursue volleyball as his career. 

They were very supportive parents and let their son decide which sports he would love to play. 

The couple shares three kids, Valerie Courtois, Gaetan Courtois, and Thibaut.

Gitte Courtois with her husband, Thierry Courtois.
Gitte Courtois with her husband, Thierry Courtois. Source: Instagram

Is Thibaut Married?

Thibaut is not married yet. But he is in a relationship with Israeli model and influencer Mishel Gerzig.

They knew each other through Instagram in 2021 and began dating after that. Shortly after dating for a year, he proposed to her in 2022.

They are not married yet but are happily engaged. He has two kids from his previous relationship, Adriana Courtois and Nicolas Courtois,

Thibaut Courtois with his fiancee, Mishel Gerzig.
Thibaut Courtois with his fiancee, Mishel Gerzig. Source: Instagram


Her son Thibaut is 30 years old. 

Net Worth

Her son Thibaut's net worth is estimated to be 113 million euros. His annual salary is estimated to be around 7.2 million euros.

Gitte Courtois with her son, Thibaut Courtois.
Gitte Courtois with her son, Thibaut Courtois. Source: Facebook

Thibaut Has Always Been A Real Madrid Fan

He dreamed of playing for Real Madrid since he was little, and now he is living his dream. 

While growing up, he was a massive fan of Iker Casillas, and Iker used to play for Real Madrid.

Iker is a former goalkeeper, and Thibaut used to love him. The reason he started loving Real Madrid was just because of him. 

He bought a Casillas jersey and used to hang a big Real Madrid flag in his room. 

He admitted that he has always been a Madridista since he was little. He said he joined the club because of his love for Iker. 

Thibaut Was Born To Be A Volleyball Player

Thibaut comes from a family of volleyball players. 

His parents used to play for the biggest volleyball club in Belgium, and his sister also played for the national team in Belgium. 

It is a sport that needs tall people to get to the ground; when he was a child, he used to go to bed and play beach volleyball. 

But his interest was in football. So when he was five, he joined a youth academy. 

He said his volleyball skills had helped him a lot as a goalkeeper. 

Did Thibaut Have A Secret Affair With Kevin De Bruyne's Girlfriend?

Thibaut made headlines when he was lined to Caroline Linen, the girlfriend of Belgian footballer Kevin

Caroline claimed that she had a secret affair with Thibaut when he was still in a relationship with Kevin.

She said he even used to cook for him, which Kevin never did for her. 

She even said that when Kevin was in Madrid, he cheated on her, and she also did the same to him. But all this rumor was never confirmed. 

But this rumor caused much trouble for Thibaut as many Belgian national team players stopped talking to him. 

Thibaut Can Speak Five Languages

Thibaut can speak Dutch, as it is his maternal language. He can also speak French and German too. 

He is also fluent at speaking English and Spanish.

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