Who Is Gladys Kilmer? Mother Of Val Kilmer

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Who Is Gladys Kilmer? Mother Of Val Kilmer

Gladys Kilmer is the mother of actor and model Val Kilmer. She was born on April 11, 1928, in Indiana

She was an aircraft equipment distributor and a real estate developer by profession. 

She got married to Eugene Dorris Kilmer in 1956 in Los Angeles. Her husband was an industrialist as well as a real estate developer. 

But they got separated when Val was just eight years old in 1968. She is a mom of three kids, Mark, Wesley, and Val. 

She later married William Bernard Leach.

She was of Swedish descent. Her ex-husband died in 1993. She died at the age of 91 in 2019

Gladys Kilmer with her son, Val Kilmer.
Gladys Kilmer with her son, Val Kilmer. Source: Twitter

Val's Parents' Divorce Affected Him A Lot

Val was born into a wealthy family. But his family broke out as his parents got divorced when he was young.

Val later revealed that his parent's separation was very emotionally challenging for him. 

He went to live with his father after his mom and dad separated their ways. He said that he became a quiet kid after that. 

He was not like other kids who used to be fun and outgoing at their age. He had an estranged relationship with his father. 

He was not on good terms with his father for a very long period of time.


Her son Val is 63 years old.

Net worth

Her son Val's net worth is estimated to be $7 million. 

Grandchildren of Gladys Kilmer.
Grandchildren of Gladys Kilmer. Source: Twitter

Val Lost His Younger Brother Wesley

Val had a younger brother. His brother aspired to be a director in the future.

Val always looked up to his younger brother as he knew that his brother was going to become the best director. 

But things didn’t go as planned. 

When he was accepted at Julliard School in New York City at the age of 16, which was a big step in his acting career, his life turned upside down as his brother suffered an epileptic fit and fell into the family swimming pool drowning. 

He said that it took him three years to come back to his normal senses after the death of his brother. 

Val Hated The Julliard School

Val was accepted by the legendary Julliard School when he was sixteen, but he hated the school. 

He took his mentors and classmates in the wrong way. He disrespected the rules, vocal exercises, and authoritarian vibe. 

Despite that, he managed to prosper and got a lead part onstage. He wrote his own play with the help of his classmates. 

Theater producer Joseph Papp spotted him while visiting the school, and he was impressed with him. 

He was ready for Broadway, and he landed a role in John Byrne's Slab Boys.

Kilmer Was Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

In 2014, Kilmer had difficulty swallowing things. One day he was staying at his friend's guest house, and when he woke up, he vomited blood. 

The medical doctors told him that he had got throat cancer and needed surgery to remove it where, as his spiritual advisor asked him to pray the fear away. 

Kilmer is a Christian Science believer and believes God is his healer. 

He didn’t seek medical attention at first because of his faith in god, but his health started deteriorating over time. 

His kids pleaded with him to seek more medical remedies. He had to let his stubbornness go and do what his kids asked him to do. 

In an interview, he revealed that his children's fear was so profound that he had to agree with them. 

So, he got his surgery done, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. After the surgery, he lost his baritone, and his voice became rasp. 

Also, he faced shortness of breath after surgery, so they had to implant a Tracheostomy tube for him in his throat. 

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