Glenn Workman

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Glenn Workman

Glenn Workman is the father of an actress and voice actress, Ariel Winter Workman.

Married to Crystal Workman.

Glenn is of German descent, and his wife, Crystal Workman, is of Greek descent.

The couples have three children, daughter Shanelle Workman and Ariel Winter Workman, and son Jimmy Workman.

All their three kids are actors.

Glenn Workman with his wife, Crystal Workman, and three children
Glenn Workman with his wife, Crystal Workman, and three children Source: Instagram

About Daughter Ariel Winter Workman

Ariel was born on January 28, 1998, in Fairfax, Virginia, United States, to father Glenn Workman and mother, Crystal Workman.

She is the youngest child in the Workman family. Her eldest siblings are also actors. The age difference between her eldest siblings and Ariel is almost 17 years.

She graduated in July 2016 from Campbell Hall School situated in Los Angeles

She has always been interested in law. So she decided to attend UCLA in 2017 fall.

In 2018, she took a break from UCLA to focus on her work.

Alex Dunphy from Modern family 

Ariel played role of Alex Dunphy in the comedy series Modern Family.

In the series, Alex Dunphy is from a middle-class family who is an intelligent and clever child in the family.

Ariel won the Outstanding Young Ensemble in the TV series Modern Family for her role as Alex Dunphy.

She continued to work for TV. She also worked as a voice actress in animated series to provide a voice to the animated characters.

She is also known for her voice for "Sofia the First," a famous animated series among children.

Ex-Boyfriend Levi Meaden

Ariel and Levi Meaden started dating in November 2016.

Glenn Workman daughter's boyfriend  Levi Meaden
Glenn Workman daughter's boyfriend  Levi Meaden Source: YouTube

After about five months of dating, the love birds moved in together in May 2017.

She was 19 and her boyfriend Levi Meaden was 30. The huge age gap between the couples made people to start gossip about their unmatched love affairs.

In one of the interviews, Ariel said she didn't even care what people think about them as long as they were happy together.

Broke up with Levi Meaden 

Ariel and Levi Meaden broke up after dating for nearly three years.
There 11 years of age difference drew much attention.

After dating for some time, they soon moved together and after living sometimes together she realized that her ex-boyfriend Levi and she had many things less in common. 

They had lots of difference and their relationship didn't working well.

She also felt that she hadn't have time to see her friends and family after that committed type relationship. So they separated.

Glenn Workman wife Crystal Workman with daughter Ariel Winter Workman
Glenn Workman wife Crystal Workman with daughter Ariel Winter Workman Source: Instagram 

Abusive Mother Crystal Workman

Ariel said that she had no good relationship with her mother, Crystal Workman.

During her childhood days, she didn't have connections with many people because her life was isolated due to her controlling mother.

When she was 14 years old, she moved in with her sister Shanelle. She also reconnected with her dad. 

Ariel said she did everything that a normal kid does after moving in with her sister.

She also claimed that her mother used to physically and emotionally abused her in her childhood days. 

Her mother used to force her to wear inappropriate and outfitted clothes and attended night parties.

Her mother also restricted her from education and food at the young age of twelve.

Net Worth and Earnings 

His net worth is unknown, while his daughter Ariel Winter's net worth is structured below:

 Glenn  Ariel (Daughter )
Net worth Unknown $12 million 
Income Unknown Actress,  Voice actress 

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. His age is not shown.
  2. His weight and height are also hidden.

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