Who Is Gloria Darlene Fox? Mother Of Megan Fox

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Who Is Gloria Darlene Fox? Mother Of Megan Fox

Gloria Darlene Fox is the mother of actress and model Megan Fox. She was married to Franklin Thomas Fox.

But they got divorced. Talking about siblings, Megan has one sister, and her name is Kristi Branim Fox.

Megan's mom single-handedly raised them. Gloria was born in 1952 in New York City.

She has English and Irish ancestry. She used to work as a manager in real estate. 

Gloria got married for the second time in 1996. Megan and her sister didn’t spend much time with their stepdad as he was very strict and conservative. 

Gloria's second husband, Tony Tanachio, died at 77 in 2011.

Gloria Daelene Fox with her ex-husband and their daughter.
Gloria Darlene Fox with her ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Twitter

Is Megan Dating Anyone?

In February 2023, a rumor was that Megan had broken up with her boyfriend and fiancee Colson Baker, popularly known as Machine Gun Kelly, as she posted a cryptic post about dishonesty. 

However, they managed to work on their disputes. Then, they went to Hawaii to heal and work on their relationship. 

After struggling with their relationship for months, finally, they are back together, as per the source. 

Megan believes Kelly is her soulmate and would never give up on their relationship.

Gloria Darlene Fox's daughter, Megan Fox.
Gloria Darlene Fox's daughter, Megan Fox. Source: Instagram

Megan Was Married To Brian Austin Green

Megan was married to Brian for more than a decade. They met each other while filming the sitcom 'Hope and Faith.'

They started dating after that and finally tied the knot in 2010.

They got divorced in 2021. They share three kids. They are co-parenting their three kids; Bodhi Ransom Green, Journey River Green, and Noah Shannon Green

 Megan Fox's ex-husband and their children.
Megan Fox's ex-husband and their children. Source: Instagram

Megan never liked her body ?

Megan is a talented actress. Her performance in movies and her beautiful face and body won millions of hearts. Currently she is in the cover page of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit. She had done photoshoot showing her beautiful body. After that magazine photo shoot Megan talked about her struggles accepting her own body. She told that being in the cover for that magazine was very pressurizing for her as she is someone who never liked how she looked and how her body is. She told that she has body dysmorphia and because of that she always got insecure about her body and looks. Megan is consider as one the beautiful actress in Hollywood and there are tons of people who admired her beauty and sexy body. She is also given the title of sex symbol because of her astonishing beauty. She gets complimented for her beauty, body and people tells her that guys are obsessed about her but those compliment feels like burden to her because she doesn’t feel like that about herself. She never sees herself the way other people see her and because of that she gets insecure that someday people will see everything about her is fake. She has been living with her insecure body since she was a kid. She was raised in a very good religious environment where body never mattered and despite that she builds insecurity. When she was kid no one told her that she was beautiful. She knew that she was smart and funny so thought those things are her only strength. She never knew that she was beautiful and that was the reason behind her body dysmorphia. Till this date she doesn’t feel good about her outer look. She is trying her best to love the way she is and is working on it. 


Her daughter Megan is 70 years old.

Net Worth

Her daughter Megan's net worth is estimated to be $100k. She has managed to earn this fortune by working in the real estate industry.

However, her daughter had a net worth of $8 million from her modeling and acting career. 

Gloria Darlene Fox with her daughter, Megan Fox.
Gloria Darlene Fox with her daughter, Megan Fox. Source: Micetimes.Asia

Megan Has Leveled Up Her Dressing Sense Because Of Kelly

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly coordinate their outfits. Megan said that Kelly's fashion is vibrant and stylish. 

She always used to wear sweatpants, yoga gear, and neutral clothes, but after dating him, she elevated her dressing style to match his level. 

She added he is always doing stage shows, so his clothes are covered with sequence, pink, grommets, and zipper, and her clothes always pop up as it is very bright and shiny. 

So for that reason, she often coordinates with him regarding clothing. 

Megan Shares Her Experience Of Doing Ayahuasca

Megan and Kelly went to Costa Roca to do Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink of the indigenous people. 

They went to the middle of the jungle with 20 other strangers. At first, she thought they would get 5-star services there, which would be a glamorous experience, but it was the complete opposite of what she had imagined. 

She shared that they couldn’t eat after 1 p.m. and had to walk long distances to get water. 

They were not allowed to shower because of a drought and needed to respect the rainforest. 

She said that they did so to make them vulnerable. The journey started with vomiting, where they were lined up with 20 people at the edge of the rainforest and went to three people at a time. 

They have to drink lemongrass tea and vomit everything out of their body of their own will. 

After that, they were ready for the ceremony. She shared that on the second night, she went to hell for eternity as the medicine takes one to the psychological prison and holds them. 

She said it was a crazy three-day experience. 

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