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Gong Won is well known for being the father of famous son Gong Yoo, an actor

He is a former manager of the Lotte Giants. He is living in South Korea with his wife. 

He is South Korean citizenship by his nationality.

Relationship Status Of Gong Yoo

Back in time, there were many gossips about Gong dating many beautiful actresses. 

Previously he played a role in Coffee Prince, and at that, he had good chemistry with his onscreen partner Go Eun Chan, and because of that, he was rumored to have an affair with her. 

But none of them came in front and personally agreed with that news.

As soon as that rumor ended, Gong was again gossiped about dating Lee Min-Jung

As he was a good actress, his onscreen chemistry and romance with his co-star always made fans doubt him dating his co-stars. 

He was also rumored to be a married man, and there was news of him marrying Lim Soo Jung

Those rumors cleared up as none of them accepted it. Currently, he is single and enjoying his love life.

Gong Yoo waving his hand to fans
Gong Yoo waving his hand to fans  Source: Instagram 

About Gong Yoo 

Gong is a famous South Korean actor born on 10 July 1979Gong's parents named him Gong Ji-Cheol during his birth. 

Gong named him Gong Yoo in the film industry, which he took from his dad's first name and mother's last name. 

He is a very talented actor who has shown his appearance in many movies and series. 

After he showed his appearance in the movie Train to Busan, he came under the spotlight. 

After his role play in the famous series Squid Game, he gained a lot of attention from people. Gong is now a worldwide known actor

Gong Yoo with his onscreen daughter
Gong Yoo with his onscreen daughter  Source: Instagram

Age, Height, And Weight

He is 42 years old. He has height of six feet and one inch.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Gong is $7 Million. His source of income is acting.

His salary is estimated to be $65,000 per episode. 

Gong Yoo Had A Light Heart

Gong might appear as a macho man and a very tough fellow, but he can be scared easily. 

He doesn't have a strong heart not to get scared. When Gong acted in the movie Train to Busan, it was found out. 

The movie was horror-based. While shooting the movie, Gong Yoo was truly scared so much, which is seen onscreen. 

It was not that he acted scared, but he was scared. Because of that, his acting seemed so very real in the movie. 

Gong Yoo Think Many Times Before Playing Any Movie

Gong is well known for his looks, acting and great movies

As he kept on doing movies, he realized something that he was doing wrong. 

He has done more than 25 movies, and now he does choose his movies wisely. 

During his initial days, he used to look up to his character, role, looks and all the things that make him see nice. 

But as time passed on, he grew up as an actor, and now he looks for something different. 

Even though his role is small or of any type, he searched for movies based on giving messages to people positively. 

He wants to be part of a small effort of positive changes in people.

Gong Wants To Focus Just On Movies

Gong is a handsome man who has always been appreciated for his role-play and acting. 

Looking at the person he is, he can easily charm any girls he wants. But surprisingly, he is still single. 

He is not soon getting married as well. He believes that he has not yet been ready for any commitment with anyone. 

He has his dreams to fulfill. He wants to focus more on his career rather than his personal life. 

He indeed is a hardworking person, which led to his this success. Still, he wants to focus and make a good and big name for himself.

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