Grace Avery Costner- Misery Of Kevin Costner's Daughter?

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Grace Avery Costner- Misery Of Kevin Costner's Daughter?

Grace Avery Costner is the daughter of famous American actor Kevin Costner

Her mother's name is Christine Baumgartner, a handbag designer. She has two elder brothers named Cayden and Hayes.

She has an uncle named Daniel Craig Costner. However, her other uncle, Mark Douglas Costner, died the next day after his birth.

She is American by her nationality. 

Grace with her dad Kevin
Grace with her dad Kevin  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Kevin Costner

Kevin has been married two times in his life. He was previously married to Cindy Silva

They started dating each other while they both were in college. Cindy was his student. 

After dating for three years, they got married to each other. 

Kevin has three children named Annie, Lily, and Joe, with his first wife, Cindy

They both stayed in a marital relationship for sixteen years and later got divorced.

After that, Kevin got married to Bridget Rooney. They both dated each other for a year. 

In that one-year relationship, they had a son named Liam. They separated in the same year when their son Liam was born.

Kevin also dated Birgit Cunningham. He also had a living relationship with Elle Macpherson, a model

In 2000, Kevin started dating Christine Baumgartner. Christine is a model and a handbag designer.

They got married after dating each other for four years. They had already completed seventeen years of their married life. 

They have three children named Cayden, Hayes, and Grace. They have a very happy married life.

Parents of Grace Avery Costner
Parents of Grace Avery Costner  Source: Instagram

About Kevin Costner

Kevin's full name is Kevin Michael Costner, an American actor and filmmaker born on 18 January 1955.

He is the youngest son of his parents, Sharon and William Costner

He developed his interest in acting and dancing when he was in college. The first movie that he played was Sizzle Beach, U.S.A

He has appeared in many movies. His well-known movies are 3 Days to Kill, The Bodyguard, Jack Ryan, and Let Him Go

Besides acting, he is also a singer in a rock band that he founded with his wife, Christine. Kevin has won the Academy Awards twice. 

Besides this, he has also won awards like the Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Awards, and many more. 

He has been married two times and has seven children. Currently, he is married to Christine Baumgartner. 

Partner Betrayed Kevin

Kevin introduced his friend Jim Wilson to the world of producers and helped him grow there. 

He hired Jim for his many projects and helped him do good. Due to the Coaster's help, Jim has earned up to $35 Million

Not only this, but Kevin partnered with him at his production company named "Good Ones Production Company."  

After some years, Wilson started to take on any projects and showed no interest in the production company. 

Watching this, Kevin sent his lawyer and asked Jim to sign the proposal of handing over the company to Kevin so that he could shut it down. 

But Jim refused to sign. Instead, Jim asked for $500,000 to sign the proposal. 

Due to this, he complaint filed against Jim, and he even asked him to return the $1 Million he took from the company with interest. 

Not only Jim but Kevin also filed a case against Zeke, who used to be Kevin's legal assistant. 

Zeke took Kevin's company's document without asking him and handed it to Wilson. All of this happened in 2021.

Kevin Took Rifle To School

Kevin Costner gave an interview on the talk show "Jimmy Live Kimmel," where he talked about his first job, bringing guns to school, and his wife. 

Jimmy started the interview by talking about his induction into the Hall of Great Western Performance. 

Kevin then revealed that his parents are from Compton and said that he was raised there by his parents. 

Kevin then recalled the memories of his childhood and shared a story about himself while he was in kindergarten.

He said that on the sharing day, everyone had to bring the coolest thing that they had with them, and Kevin also brought something coolest that he had, and it was a rifle.

That rifle belonged to his dad, and on sharing day at school, he thought to take a rifle with him. 

When he got there, he thought that his stuff was cooler than others and was happy about that. 

After seeing that rifle, one of the teachers took the rifle from him and stuck a note on him.

After that, there was a big discussion that happened in his school, as it was very shocking to see a five-year-old kid with a rifle. 

Jimmy then started talking about Kevin's wife. He talked about the time when Kevin went fishing along with his wife and children. 

A short clip of a video was shown in the interview where Kevin's wife caught a fish with her bare hand with no effort and threw that fish again in the water. 

The video was unbelievable, and Kevin said that he was thrilled and shocked when he saw his wife doing that.

After returning from fishing, he took her wife into the room and talked about the thing as he wanted to know how his wife did that. 

Kevin Only Does The Best Projects

Kevin gave an interview to Lorraine in 2022, where he talked about his series Yellowstone

Kevin is a Hollywood legend, and the show's host was too excited to meet the actor. 

Kevin’s Yellowstone was a great hit. People loved his work as they did in his previous works. 

When asked about his process of selecting movies and projects, he simply said that he only selects good scripts.

Whenever he is approached with a script, he goes through it and decides for himself whether it will be great or bad. 

If he feels optimistic about the project, he doesn’t care much about other things and sighs about the project. 

The same thing was done by him when choosing the Yellowstone series. 

He read the script and felt that it could be a great project for him. He didn’t know and did not care much about the series going hit or not. 

But he always believed that the project was great and it would do fine in the market.

Moreover, he knew that the series would be fresh even after many years and would not vanish easily. 

His character in the series was one of the oldest groups of people who still ride for hours every day for their work and survival. 

He was playing a very strong character who was soft from the inside. 

Kevin revealed that the series was not fictional, and people like his character still exist in some places of America and live the same kind of life as he did in the series. 

He also shared about the life he wants to live after doing some more movies.

He said he wanted to live peacefully near the ocean, watching the scenario. He desires that he is going to fulfill it in the near future.

Kevin’s Younger Children Are Unaware Of His Profession

Kevin has seven children from his relationship with three different women. His children have huge age differences. His eldest is 31, and his youngest is three years old. 

His three youngest children were born through his marriage with his wife Christine Baumgartner

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he opened up about his younger children and said that his elder children are very helpful to the younger ones. 

He talked about his 3-year-old daughter Grace, 4-year-old Hayes, and 6-year-old Cayden, who were little during the time of the interview. Kevin described that his son Cayden is a very brave and strong boy, but one thing that really scares him is needles. 

So, seeing Cayden getting scared, his other son Hayes, who is very gentle, asked his mom to take Cayden back home today and bring him back again the next day for the vaccination. 

But his youngest daughter Grace told Cayden to get in now and rolled up her sleeves and got the injection at first, which made Cayden take it, too. 

His little daughter was brave enough to do, and Kevin loves her a lot. He said that his little girl is the one who keeps him in his place. 

He revealed that his three little one doesn’t know that he is an actor, but they are slightly getting it through. 

So he recalled a memory when he was watching his movie Black and White in his room. His daughter suddenly walked inside his room and sat with him. 

He didn’t want his daughter to be in there, but he still let her stay. He was minding his business reading and watching, and suddenly, his pool scene started when he came out of the pool. 

After seeing that, his daughter told him that he has got a big fat belly. 

Hearing that from his daughter, he wanted to explain to his daughter about the character development thing, but she was too small to get it, so he didn’t.

Kevin’s Messy Divorce With His Wife

Kevin and his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, recently got divorced. Christine was the second wife of Kevin, with whom he got married back in 2004 and shared three children. 

Sadly, after 18 years, their marriage ended. Christine and Kevin got separated a month before filing for divorce, and Christine was the one who approached for the divorce. 

She filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and asked for joint custody. 

Kevin also stated the same reason, but somehow, later, it was known that Kevin’s busy work schedule was the reason for Christine to take that step. 

She wanted to spend more time with Kevin and the kids in their house, but as Kevin was so caught up with his work, his absence made Christine unhappy. 

Their divorce legal process eventually started getting ugly as Christine demanded a huge amount of money for child support. 

She asked for 248k dollars for child support per month, which Kevin denied to. 

Kevin claimed that he already paid thousands of dollars as legal and attorney fees to Christine, and as he left the show Yellowstone, which was his major source of income, he clearly said that he couldn’t afford so much money. 

He agreed to pay 38k per month, but Christine claimed that she couldn't be able to maintain her and her kids’ lifestyle with that money. 

Even after their divorce was filed, Christine didn’t leave Kevin’s house. 

According to their prenup wedding, they had an agreement that in case of divorce, Christine should move out within the month. 

Kevin told her to leave the house, but she didn’t, so he went to court and asked to remove her forcefully. 

Kevin agreed and did everything that they had agreed on prenup and even claimed that he had done more, but the fees that Christine asked for child support were way too much. 


Grace was born in 2010. Her current age is eleven years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Grace's father, Kevin, is $250 Million. His source of income is acting and filmmaking. 

The yearly income of American actors is estimated to be $58,580.

Kevin Costner Almost Got Killed

In 2009, Kevin had a performance with his band at one of Canada's biggest music festivals. 

A large accident occurred that killed a person, and more than 70 people were injured. 

Kevin and his band were preparing for their performance in the room below the main stage. 

A band named "Billy Currington" was performing when suddenly all the lights went out, and the stage suddenly collapsed. 

The stage was so big that it killed a person and injured many. Kevin and his manager were also buried under the stage but could escape. 

Many people were later rescued.

Kevin Was Blamed For Harassing A Woman On His Honeymoon

Kevin was on honeymoon with his second wife in a hotel. He was taking a massage from a 34-year-old woman. 

The woman said that he touched her inappropriately and even asked her to massage him everywhere. 

She said that Kevin held her hand and kept it under his towel. 

Not only that, but she said he removed his towel and performed a sexual act. 

About this incident, the staff complained to the higher official of the hotel, but rather than helping her, they fired her. 

For this, she filed a case against the hotel, due to which they had to pay 30,000 pounds to her.

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