Who Is Grace Harbaugh? Stunning Daughter Of Jim Harbaugh

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Who Is Grace Harbaugh? Stunning Daughter Of Jim Harbaugh

Grace Harbaugh is the daughter of football coach Jim Harbaugh and former quarterback who is currently the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines

Her mother is Miah Harbaugh. She has two siblings and four half-siblings. She studies History of Art at Michigan. She is athletic, and she plays water polo.

Stunning Grace Harbaugh.
Stunning Grace Harbaugh. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

Her father, Jim, was married to Miah Harbaugh. They had three kids from their marriage: Grace, James, and Jay

They got married in 1996 and ended their relationship in 2006

 Parents of Grace Harbaugh.
Parents of Grace Harbaugh. Source: Pinterest

After that, her father got married for the second time. He met his now-wife in Las Vegas after he divorced his first wife in 2006

He tied the knot with Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh in 2008. He has four children from his second wife.

Family of Grace Harbaugh.
Family of Grace Harbaugh. Source: Instagram


Grace was born on 27 June 2000, and her current age is 23 as of 2023.

Net Worth

Her father's net worth is estimated to be $35 million

Why Was Jim Suspended?

The Big Ten Conference suspended Jim in October because of an ongoing allegation about a stealing operation run by a former Michigan analyst, Connor Stalions, and for violating recruiting regulations. 

Connor was head of an operation aimed to decode many play call signals for Michigan opponents

He was claimed on the Central Michigan sidelines, dressed in CMU gear, when Central Michigan opened their season against Michigan State

So, The Big Ten did an investigation into Michigan

By the end of their investigation, they handed down a three-game suspension for Jim. 

The suspension is temporary, but additional penalties could be coming for Michigan and Harbaugh.  

Kim is away from the team during their biggest game of the season. 

Jim Spoke About NCAA Investigation Into Michigan

When Jim was asked about the investigation and allegations against him, he said he was coaching the team and promised to keep a one-track mind. 

Amid this investigation and speculation, Michigan Wolverine remained undefeated. 

He said his long years of experience in coaching have built some qualities that helped him to keep his mind on a single track, focus on his job, and mind his own business. 

He said he is enthusiastic about every day. 

In his previous conference, he mentioned that he could not talk much about the ongoing investigation. 

He said he cooperates with them and stands by his team. 

Jim Talked About Keeping His Players On Track

Jim was appointed head coach at the University of Michigan in 2015 and has been managing the school team ever since. 

He shared they have excellent sessions four days a week. He said they have a mix of both respiration and restoration. 

He added they were developing young players and keeping them sharp and in shape. 

He said off track, asking his players to return home and relax their minds and bodies. 

He said he encouraged them to be good human beings. He said his mantra is one game at a time and one day at a time.

Jim Talked About Michigan's Rivalry With Ohio State

Michigan Wolverines is all set to compete against Ohio State in one of the biggest games in the 2023 season. 

Jim and Ryan Patrick Day, a coach at Ohio State University, have a fair amount of respect for each other despite the heated rivalry. 

He said people have been waiting and working hard for this game. 

He said the best way for them is to prepare for the game and focus on themselves. 

He said his focus is on planning, practice, and execution. 

He said it would be a big game, so anything else is inapplicable compared to that game. 

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