Who Is Graham Larson? Husband Of Rhea Seehorn

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Who Is Graham Larson? Husband Of Rhea Seehorn

Graham Larson is the husband of American actress and director Rhea Seehorn. 

Graham himself is a producer and real estate agent by his profession. He belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. 

He is currently living in Venice, California. He is an American

Graham Larson with his mom.
Graham Larson with his mom. Source: Instagram

His First Marriage

Graham has been married two times in his life. He married for the first time to Mary Alice Haney

She is a fashion designer and producer. The couple met for the first time at Palm Beach.

They tied their knot in 2005, and they have two children. Both of them are sons. They later got divorced. 

Graham Larson with his ex-wife Mary Alice Haney.
Graham Larson with his ex-wife Mary Alice Haney. Source: Pinterest

His Present Wife

As of now, Graham is married to Rhea Seehorn

They tied their knot in 2018; before that, they dated each other for five years. They have no kids together.

Graham Larson with his wife Rhea Seehorn.
Graham Larson with his wife Rhea Seehorn. Source: Instagram


Graham is 53 years old. His height is 1.88 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Graham is $1 Million.

Family of Graham Larson.
Family of Graham Larson. Source: Instagram

Rhea Has Weird Fans 

Rhea is a well-known actress, and her acting career has made many people her die-hard fans. 

She has many fans, and in one of the interviews, she talked about a fan she bumped into. 

She was on her way when a lady came up in front of her and just started speaking. 

That lady expressed her love towards her saying how much she loved her and how nice she felt to meet Rhea

That woman’s husband was also there, but he didn’t react. 

She looked at him, and again the woman started saying that her husband doesn’t care about Rhea and other celebrities.  

It was an awkward and weird moment for Rhea because that woman’s husband was standing stir without saying a word, keeping an awkward smile on his face.

Living With Two Men In A House 

Bob Odenkirk, Patrick Fabian and Rhea co-starred each other in a show. 

During the whole shooting, they all stayed together in the same house.

Rhea opened up that it was very surreal, and many people found it weird when they heard about living together. 

As the three of them are adults, it was obvious for everyone to feel weird about that, but Rhea and her co-stars enjoyed living together. 

She took the biggest room in the house. 

The house had three rooms, two on the second floor and one on the ground floor. 

She took the room because it has an attached bathroom. 

The upstairs room did have a bathroom, but it was shared, so she made Bob and Patrick live upstairs.

Rhea Helped The Dog Give Birth

Rhea was living with her co-stars in a house, and suddenly his co-star Bob texted her pictures of a dirty stray dog, telling her how sad that dog was. 

They were all busy with their shooting and had no idea what to do. 

Later they found out that the dog was pregnant, and they took her to the vet and found it was pregnant with two pups, and they gave her a due date of six weeks. 

After that, she was with the dog in her driveway. The dog started digging into her bed, and she knew that the dog was about to give birth at that time. 

She had no idea what to do. The dog pushed two pups, and after that, she was done, so Rhea had to help that dog deliver the other six puppies. 

The vet told about two pups, but the dog gave birth to 8 puppies before the due date.

Father Inspired Rhea 

Rhea is now a beautiful actress with a successful career. She has shown her appearance in many movies and series. 

Talking about her parents, Rhea lost her father when she was just in high school. 

Before her dad passed away, his dad left her a message in which it was written to do whatever she liked. 

She got inspired by his word, took it seriously, and implemented it in her life. 

She chose what she liked and what she wanted to do. 

Because of his dad’s message, she chose acting, the thing she wanted to do and loved. Because of that, she pursued an acting career.

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