Who Is Gregory Allan Paul? Father Of Jake Paul

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Who Is Gregory Allan Paul? Father Of Jake Paul

Gregory Allan Paul is the father of social media influencer and professional boxer Jake Paul. He was born in Ohio in 1963. He is a real estate agent and commercial roofer

He was married to Pamela Ann Stepnick, a nurse by profession. They are parents to two kids, Jake and Logan

However, they got separated when their kids were young. They co-parented their kids, and he is still on good terms with his ex-wife.

Gregory also has a YouTube channel named Greg Paul.

Gregory Allan Paul's ex-wife and their son.
Gregory Allan Paul's ex-wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Greg Talked About His Divorce

Greg said he fell in love with his ex-wife, and they bought a house together and lived in the house before getting married. 

He added things were good, but it ended on a sad note. In an interview, he said they never discussed divorce or working on their relationship. 

His ex-wife moved on with someone else quickly. He felt left out. 

He thought he would never get a partner as he was 30 and had two kids. 

Was Gregory An Abusive Father?

Greg has two sons, Jake and Logan. In a Netflix documentary, his son Jake claimed that his father used to slap him and his brother. 

He stated that his father was a menace. Greg and his sons share a strong and uncommon bond and credit their father for their success. 

Greg, also part of his son's documentary, denied the allegation.

He said he has never raised his hands on his sons but said he threw them on the couch a couple of times. 

Children of Gregory Allan.
Children of Gregory Allan. Source: Instagram


Gregory is 60 years old. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He has earned this fortune from his career as a YouTuber, realtor, and roofer. 

Greg Talked About Raising His Two Sons

Greg thoughts about his son earning millions of dollar

His sons are huge media personalities, and their net worth is millions of dollars. Greg said that he does not care about his sons' money. 

He said they breathe in the same year and bleed the same blood, and he only cares about their attitude. 

Greg Drove Himself To The Hospital While Having A Heart Attack

Greg had a heart attack, and he drove himself to the hospital instead of calling 911

He shared that at night time, around 9 o'clock, he felt like his heart was burning and his whole body was sweating. 

He said he had read somewhere that sweating hot sweat is a sign of a heart attack, so he decided to call 911, but then he realized that his mailbox was taken off by someone else, so he had placed a new mailbox, but he didn’t have the address number. 

He said he didn't have his address number and that the ambulance might be unable to arrive on time, so he decided to drive himself to the hospital. 

He got into his car, and the person on 911 asked him not to drive by himself. 

He said he was constantly out of breath and dropping while driving. 

He said to 911 that if he would die, then he would die while trying to save himself. 

He saw an ambulance and told them he was the one they were looking for. 

They immediately got a wheelchair and took him to the ambulance. They asked him if he was on drugs. 

Jake was in LA, and Logan was in France at that time. So, he asked the nurse to call his ex-wife. 

He survived a heart attack by coming to the hospital on time. 

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