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Greta Schweighofer is the son of a German actor, voice actor, film director and producer Matthias Schweighofer

His mother name is Angelika Ani Schromm, a film writer. He has a sister named Valentin. He is a German citizen by his nationality. 

Greta Schweighofer parents
Greta Schweighofer parents  Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status Of Matthias Schweighofer 

Matthias was in a relationship with Ani Schromm. They dated back in 2004 and stayed as a couple for seven years. 

At that time, they had their first child, a daughter, in 2009. They ended their relationship in 2012

A year later after their separation, the couple again decided to reunite. They welcome their second child in 2014. They finally ended their relationship in 2019.

After ending his first relationship, he dated Ruby O. Fee in 2019

He opened up that he had always been a big fan of her before they started dating. 

He always thought of working with her, and he did work with her in 2021

They are very happy together and completed three years of their relationship. 

They stay separately so that they can give them their personal space.

Matthias with his girlfriend
Matthias with his girlfriend  Source: Instagram 

About Matthias Schweighofer 

Matthias is a German actor, voice actor, film director and producer born on 11 March 1981

He was raised by his parents in Anklam, Western Pomerania, with his sister. He chose an acting career and gave his best. 

He made his first-ever appearance in a movie in 1997. After that, he did many movies and even directed his movie. 

His first directed movie is What a Man. As of 2021, he has appeared in the movie Army of the Dead

He is one of the best actors in the acting industry.

Matthias's selfie with a pout
Matthias's selfie with a pout  Source: Instagram 


Greta was born in 2014, and his current age is eight years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Matthias is $5 Million. His source of income is acting, producer and television. 

The average income of an actor is $40,860 per year.

Greta Schweighofer's Father Is A Multi-Talented Person

Greta's father Matthias is a brilliant actor. The world knows Matthias as an actor, but he has other talents apart from acting. 

He is a poet as well. He has not officially released any of his poems, but he likes writing poems in his free time. 

He knows how to write poems, but he is also a musician. He has even released his album. In addition, he plays violin and piano as well.

Schweighofer Had Acting In His Blood

Matthias's parents are from the entertainment industry. They both were actors, so Matthias also always knew how to perform. 

His parents used to take him to the theater which became fruitful for him. 

Since he was young, he has seen an actor's lifestyle, which helped him become a successful actor. 

He worked hard for his roles, but Matthias's parents were a plus point. They always inspired him.

Schweighofer Had A Problem In Flying

Matthias often has to shoot out of the country for his movies and series, and he always needs to take a flight. 

Surprisingly, he was too scared to fly in the beginning. He was sacred be on flight, but he decided to overcome that fear. 

He then decided to play the role of a pilot in the movie Manfred von Richthofen

By playing the role, he got used to siting on the plane and his phobia of flying disappeared.

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