Grey Douglas Stuber

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Grey Douglas Stuber

Grey Douglas Stuber is the son of an American fashion model and actress, Molly Sims. His father name is Scott Stuber

He has two siblings, a sister and a brother. She is of American nationality. 

Grey Douglas Stuber with his siblings Brooks Allan and Scarlett May
Grey Douglas Stuber with his siblings Brooks Allan and Scarlett May  Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Molly Sims 

Molly is married to Scott Stuber, who is the executive of Netflix. They got married on 24 September 2011

They together have three children. Two of them are sons, and one is daughter. 

Their names are Brooks Allan, Grey Douglas and Scarlett May. They were born in 2012, 2017 and 2015, respectively. 

They have completed 10 years of their relationship together. 

Grey Douglas Stuber Parents
Grey Douglas Stuber Parents   Source: Instagram

Past Dating Life Of Molly

Molly has dated many well-known people in her life. Molly was previously in a relationship with Lawrence Bender

They dated back in 2007 and ended their love life that same year. After that, she dated Jeff Soffer for a year in the year 2008

She started dating Scott Stuber in 2009

Molly Sims with her family
Molly Sims with her family  Source: Instagram 

About Molly Sims

Molly is an American actress and fashion model born on 25 May 1973

In Murray, Kentucky, USA, she was born to Jim Sims and Dottie Sims. She was raised with her brother Todd Sims

After her high school, she pursued political science. But she left it as she was interested in modeling. 

She was just 19 years when she dropped out of college. 

She was out of job for a couple of years but was finally hired by Next Model Management of New York City

She then started her career, and soon many brands approached her, and she became popular eventually. 

She is now living in California with her husband and three children.

Grey Douglas Stuber mother Molly Sims
Grey Douglas Stuber mother Molly Sims  Source: Instagram 


Grey was born in 2017 and is currently 4 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Molly is $20 Million. She earns as being a fashion model and actress. 

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year.

Grey Douglas Stuber's Mother Is Superstitious

Looking at Molly's life and surrounding, she seems to be a pretty modern person and a modern mother. 

But there is something that she is superstitious about, and one of those is her necklace. 

She has a necklace that she has always carried with her for seven years. 

It is not her favorite jewelry to wear, but she believes it needs to be with her. 

She carries the necklace on her flight, shoot and everywhere she goes. It's like good luck for her, as she believes.

Molly Sims Was Criticized For Her Act

Molly has a lot of fan base and followers. Being popular as a top model and actress, she is an inspection for many people. 

She frequently posts her picture and her family pictures on her Instagram

Her pictures she posted on her Instagram were well appreciated until she posted a picture with her children. 

She posted a picture where she tied her children to the ladder she was having a cup of wine. 

Many people criticized her for that picture. It was inappropriate, according to some fans. 

Some said it was not good and not a great taste for feed. She was highly criticized for that picture, although it was just for fun.

Molly Sleeps A Lot

Molly is a sleeper. She loves her sleep, and she doesn't have any timetable to sleep or wake up. 

She can sleep up to 12 hours, according to her. Her friends even call her Molly Log as she slept a lot. 

She doesn't need any comfortable place to sleep. 

She revealed that she could easily fall asleep in the bathroom, floor, carpet and any other place. 

Not only can she sleep for a long time, but when she needs to, she can also stay awake for a long time.

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