Grigory Kulak

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Grigory Kulak

Grigory Kulak is a Russian fitness model, professional bodybuilder, athlete, and social media sensation.

Grigory Kulka's Popularity

Grigory gained fame through TikTok. He posts his fitness videos on his TikTok. He mostly has huge girl fans. 

He has thirty-seven million followers on TikTok. He posts videos showing off his perfect body. 

He gained popularity through his Hot Parkour Challenge. He performed this challenge mostly on trains. 

He has managed to gain popularity on Instagram too. He has about thirty-four thousand followers on Instagram. He only posts his workout and fitness on his Instagram too.  

YouTube Sensation

Grigory has recently started his YouTube journey. Right now, he has managed to gain ten thousand subscribers.

Like TikTok and Instagram, he posts workout videos and fitness videos. 

He started his YouTube journey because he believes, unlike TikTok and Instagram, YouTube is more flexible for him to post longer videos.

He also mentioned that TikTok and Instagram made him famous, so he wants to use his fame to do more and use available platforms for his benefit. 

He has uploaded videos like a workout with me, setting Guinness world record, pushups videos, skipping videos, weight lifting, and so forth. 

His videos are mostly for his Russian viewers. He has uploaded everything in his language, so it is hard for international fans to watch his work. 

He had uploaded a story on his Instagram requesting people to subscribe and watch his new videos. 

Grigory is also on Telegram. He has only one hundred and five subscribers on that platform. 

A Swimmer

Grigory is also into swimming. He is a professional swimmer and has participated in many national and international swimming contests. 

He has managed to win most of those contests. However, he has not revealed a lot about his swimming career. 

He also models for swimwear in his country. He has modeled for a brand named Mad Wave Russia which is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia

This brand has benefitted a lot from Grigory's popularity. 

Loves Horse Riding

During his free time, he loves horse riding. He has also posted a video on his Instagram handle about his horse-riding hobby. 

He has captioned the video with a proverb that says that if you want to be a horse, plow like a horse. 

Besides horse riding, he is also into football. He started playing football since he was a small kid. 

He is indeed a multitalented person. 

Grigory horse riding at Saint Petersburg
Grigory horse riding at Saint Petersburg  Source: Instagram

A Weightlifter

Gregory's main passion is weightlifting. He has participated in many weightlifting competitions and has always managed to gain first, second, or third place. 

He managed to grasp first place on Young Men Absolute Championship

He was placed second on Power Lifting in the year 2018.

He aims to break the highest record and list his name on the Guinness Book of Records

Grigory on weightlifting competition
Grigory on weightlifting competition  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Grigory has not been revealed. His estimated net worth is structured below:

Estimated Net WorthSources
400 thousand dollars per yearModel, Social Media sensation, athlete

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. His age, height, weight has not been revealed.
  2. His nationality is Russian.
  3. His personal life, childhood, schooling, and relationship status have not been disclosed to the public.
  4. He seems like a very private person.
  5. He is a man of Multipotentiality who is very ambitious about his career.

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