Who Is Gry Marita Braut? Mother Of Erling Haaland

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Gry Marita Braut is the mother of Norwegian football player Erling Haaland. 

Her former husband's name is Alfie Haaland. Gry is a former heptathlon athlete. She has three children: Erling, Gabriella Haaland, and Astor Haaland.

She was born in Norway. She is a Norwich citizen.

Gry Marita Braut's ex-husband and son.
Gry Marita Braut's ex-husband and son. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Erling

Erling is not married to anyone currently. He likes to keep his life private from the media, so he has not revealed much about his life. 

Gry Marita Braut's children.
Gry Marita Braut's children. Source: Instagram

Does Erling Have Five Girlfriends?

Erling is a private guy, but he once talked about his girlfriends. 

He revealed that he sleeps with his five girlfriends every night. 

When he said girlfriend, he was not referring to any girl but to football. 

It might look strange, but he actually sleeps with five footballs in bed. 

Those were the balls that he scored a hat-trick with. 

Haaland Is Always Hungry And Wants More

Haaland joined Manchester City from Dortmund, and it was predicted that both parties would benefit from his transfer to the club. 

The club needed a striker in the team, and Haaland was one of the best in the position. In the Champions League match against RB Leipzig, he scored five goals in a total score of 7-0

After the match, he said that after scoring goals, he felt that he was the only one who could score that number of goals. 

He was really proud of his performance, but he said that he could have done more if he stayed for a longer time in the match. 

Even in the match, he was really disappointed with Kevin De Bruyne, as his pass could have led to a goal for Haaland

He expressed that anybody would be happy after scoring five goals, but he was hungry for more. He said that he always wants more, and it was not bad to want more of what you got. 

He also said that when he watched Manchester City play, he always imagined himself as a striker and imagined that he was scoring. 

He said that he knew that he would score a lot of goals with the team, as Manchester City scored more than 100 goals without a proper striker, so it was obvious for him to score. 

Also, Manchester City always had the potential to win the Premier League. As Manchester City has never ever won a Champions League, he also believes that he was called to win the Champions League and upgrade the team to a whole new level. 

Erling Doesn’t Care About Past

Erling had an interview on the IMPULSIVE podcast where he talked about being away from social media and shared why he doesn’t watch himself and cares about the past. 

The interviewer asked him about if he had seen his videos on TikTok and YouTube

Erling replied, saying that he doesn’t use TikTok and has never seen any of his compilation videos or montages of himself.

There are many videos on YouTube of his goal scores, but he has never seen them because he doesn’t like them. 

He knows about the goals he scored, and even after all the talk in the interview, he won’t search for his name on YouTube to watch himself. 

He is one of the players who enjoy leaving past things to the past. He does his best in each and every game, and after that, he focuses on forgetting all the things that have been already done. 

He doesn’t like it and wants to watch himself playing. On the other hand, one of the interviewers who was there said that he has watched his own temper video many times. 

Erling believes in focusing on his future rather than seeing past things that he can’t change or do anything about. 

He doesn’t care what he has done in the past, but he believes that the future is in his hands, so that’s why he is fully focused on the moment to make himself prepared for attacking the future. 

He wants to be the best version of himself and to be that, he needs to be focused on his current moment. 

The interviewer was very impressed and was inspired by hearing Erling said, but he found it very strange as nowadays social media is taken everywhere. 

Erling didn’t have the answer to that, but he said that he is from Norway and was raised there he knows to be humble and not make a big deal of who he is. 

He also thinks that his passion for football has made him like that because all he cares about is working on his current self to make him better in the future. 


Her son, Erling, is 22 years old

Net Worth

The net worth of Erling is $12 Million. 

Gry Marita Braut's three children, Erling, Gabriella Haaland, and Astor Haaland.
Gry Marita Braut's three children, Erling, Gabriella Haaland, and Astor Haaland. Source: Instagram

Family Means A Lot To Erling

Erling travels most of the time for his matches, and he is less at home. 

But still, he really considers his family an important part of his life. 

He likes to spend his time with his family when he has time. He was shown a childhood picture of his in an interview. 

After watching the photo, he revealed that he, along with his sister and brothers, used to play football and enjoyed it a lot. 

He then expressed how important family was to him.

Erling Wants To Focus On Good Things

Erling is undoubtedly one of the best football players to emerge on the field. 

He has won many hearts through his brilliant performance in his clubs. 

He even won a championship with Dortmund but was a bit sad about not being able to celebrate with fans. 

He said that he was hungry for more titles. While giving the interview, he had an injury break. 

He was missing many important matches. Still, he didn’t look worried or tensed. 

He said that he always ignores and neglects the bad part of life. 

There are many moments to be happy, and he only focuses on those pleasurable moments. 

He doesn’t want to see the low part of his life and wants to follow the happier one.

Erling Feels At Home In Manchester City

Erling left his previous club and joined Manchester City in the facing year. 

It was a big move for the player and one of the biggest decisions for the club. 

Erling is a potential young player, and many clubs want him. But he joined Manchester City.

He seemed to be inclined to this club more than other clubs. It was because of two reasons for what he said. 

He shared that his father was a player for Manchester City club as well. 

And his father was one of the reasons he joined the club. The second reason was that he was born in England.

He has lived in the country and is a bit attached to it. Hence, Manchester City feels like home for him. 

He also expressed that being in one of the greatest clubs in the world, he can really get the best out of himself through the club and its training. 

Erling Imagined Himself Playing For City

Erling has been following Manchester City for a long time, from what he has said. 

After following and watching City’s attacking gameplay, he really thought he would fit into the club. 

He personally loves to play attacking in the game, so he thinks he would be a perfect match for the club. 

Being the best youngest player, he really looks forward to scoring a lot of goals with City. 

Moreover, he is excited to work with one of the best managers of all time, Pep.

He has also found a perfect position for him to play in the club.

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