Gulliver Lewis

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Gulliver Lewis

Gulliver Lewis is a celebrity kid. He is the one and only son of Damian Lewis and the late Helen McCrory.

He was born in November 2007. Ian McCrory and Anne McCrory are the grandparents of Gulliver.

He has one older sister, and her name is Manon McCrory-Lewis.

About Parents 

Helen McCrory was the mother of Gulliver. She was an English actress. 

She was born on August 17, 1968, in London, United Kingdom. She is well known for her acting in Peaky Blinders

Damian is the father of Gulliver. He was born on February 11, 1971, in St. John's Wood, London, United Kingdom.

He is 50 years old gentleman. He is also an English actor.

Helen and Damian met each other in 2003 and got married after four years of relationship in 2007

Together they have two loving children. The elder one is their daughter Manon McCrory Lewis

She was born on September 8, 2006. She is 15 years old. And the younger one is Gulliver Lewis

Parents of Gulliver Lewis
Parents of Gulliver Lewis  Source: Instagram

Mother Heroic Battle with Cancer

Helen had cancer for several years. No one except her family know from how long she was fighting against cancer. 

Nobody was aware of her condition. Her close friends also knew about her condition a just day before her death.

Her husband said that she had a heroic battle with cancer.

She was a strong woman. She was always funny, generous and never complained about anything though she was suffering a lot. 

She taught her teenage children to be strong and be the courage to see their mother dying.

Death Of Beloved Mother 

On April 16, 2021, Helen had an untimely demise in Tufnell Park, London, United Kingdom

She died due to cancer. She was just 52 years old at that time.  

Damian on social media said that her wife had cancer.

Helen died peacefully at home. At her last breath, her family and friends were with her. 

After her death, social media were flooded with condolences. 

It was unbelievable news for her fans and dear ones.

Helen McCrory in Harry Porter

Helen had appeared in Harry Porter as Narcissa Malfoy. Narcissa Malfoy is one of the strong characters in Harry Porter

She was a pure-blood dark witch. She was the wife of Lucius Malfoy, the younger sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Andromeda Tonks

Interestingly Helen was the one who played the character of Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Porter.

Helen, as a Narcissa, was described as a tall, slim, very pale good looking witch with blue eyes, long blonde hair, clear and cold voice.

Gulliver Lewis with his father and sister
Gulliver Lewis with his father and sister  Source: Pinterest

Helen Doesn't See Her Husband's Work

Helen gave an interview on The Andrew Marr Show in 2014. There she talked about her new series, her husband and her works. 

She first talked about her new series Peaky Blinders, where she played the character of a tough women who runs a gang. 

She told that it was based on a real fact about how the people who returned from war had to go in dark path to survive and live life. 

She then revealed that her husband has not seen her work in Peaky Blinders. Not only that, she also revealed that she also had not seen her husband's work in Homeland

People said that they didn't see each other's series because of the romantic love scenes. But Helen said that it was not the case. 

She expressed that she didn't want to see the scenes where her husband gets beaten up and bashed in the ground, leaving him to urinate there. 

She feels the scenes disturbing and hence she doesn't see her husband's work. She did say that her husband had a killer instinct and he was a great choice for the 007 Bond movie. 

Helen herself had a scene in the Bond movie. She expressed that she always wanted to call herself a bond girl and work on the movie. Hence she was okay even if it was a small role. 

Although she has played many recognizable character in her career, she is well known for her role in biopic of Sherry Blair. Her work was a justice to Sherry

According to her, Helen actually had met Sherry Blair in person. Helen expressed that she was a lovely lady and she liked her. Helen revealed that she studied Sherry to play her role for the second time.

Helen chased a man 

Helen gave an interview on "This Morning." She talked about her new role and opened up about chasing a man. 

Talking about Helen's new series, she will be seen playing the role of a human rights lawyer in the new thriller series Fearless

She opened up about her chasing a man while shooting for her new series. 

She said that she was in the Northern Line and she was on her way to her rehearsals when he saw a man who was talking about human rights. 

As she was going to play the role of a human rights lawyer in her series, she found that man was intelligent and felt that he had lots of knowledge about human rights. 

She saw that man walking away, so she chased him and stopped him. She asked him if he was a human rights lawyer or not. 

The man quickly replied and told her that he was a lawyer, but he was surprised and asked how she knew that. 

She then told that man about her being an actress, and she told him that she was going to play the role of a human rights lawyer. 

As soon as the man heard about her being an actress, he took steps back, thinking she was a fraud. Helen assured that man about her being an actress and started a conversation with him. 

After talking to that man, she found out that the man runs an organization named White Stop. That organization works for human rights and represents it in the media. 

Helen opened up that she learned about the difference between solicitors and barristers from that lawyer. She explained the difference between the barrister and solicitors.

She also talked about her role and her cast. She said she enjoyed working in that movie, and her co-stars were amazing.

Age, Height, And Weight

Gulliver is 14 years old. His height is 5ft and 3 inches

His weight is 50 kg/110 Ibs. His nationality is British

Net Worth And Source Of Earning

Gulliver does not have his net worth; however, it was estimated that his mother Helen had a net worth of $25 million at her death. 

She was an actress and often did voice acting in many films.

Gulliver's father is an actor, presenter, producer, and theater artist. He has a net worth of $25 million. 

Award And Achievements of Helen McCrory

Helen won Manchester Evening News Theatre Award, Shakespeare Globe Award, Royal Television Society, London Film Critics Circle, BAFTA Cymru Award, and five Awards in the Best Actress category. 

She was nominated for Ian Charleson Award in 1993, where she placed herself in the third position.

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