Gunner Vincent Calaway - Who Is The Undertaker Son?

by Manisha Mon Mar 13 2023 Updated On Wed Mar 06 2024
Gunner Vincent Calaway - Who Is The Undertaker Son?

Gunner Vincent Calaway is the son of professional WWE wrestler Marl William Calaway, popularly known as The Undertaker.

He is a freelance artist and illustrator by profession. He has three siblings. He is the eldest one. He was born in 1993 in the United States

His mother is Jordi Lynn, who is a businesswoman

Their parents tied the knot in 1998 and ended their marriage in 1999 after being married for a decade. 

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Gunner Vincent Calaway and his father, The Undertaker.
Gunner Vincent Calaway and his father, The Undertaker. Source: Facebook

Undertaker's married life

Undertaker is happily married to Michelle McCool. His wife is a retired professional WWE star like him.

They tied the knot in 2010. They welcomed their daughter in 2012. Prior to Michelle, he was married twice. 

His first wife was Jordi Lynn, and his second wife was Sara Frank. Both of them have children from their previous relationships. 

Gunner Vincent Calaway's father, The Undertaker.
Gunner Vincent Calaway's father, The Undertaker. Source: Instagram


Gunner is 31 years old. 

Net worth

His net worth is unknown. However, his father has a net worth of a whopping $17 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as professional wrestler. 

Undertaker wanted to be a basketball player when he was in college

Undertaker was a huge fan of basketball when he was a kid. 

He said when he was in school he didn’t play any of the sports but when he joined college he started playing basketball. 

He said that his basketball coach approached him asking if he was interested in playing. 

So, he started his training between his junior and senior years of college. He said he was 6 foot 8 inches tall and weighed around 230 pounds.

He said he did weight training. He used to eat all day and rest. When he got into senior year he was 280 pounds

His coach was shocked to see him be that size, and he banned him from gym training. 

He said he was wrestling and at the same time playing basketball. He was struggling to balance between wrestling and basketball.

He was done with basketball after one incident. He said one day, they were training with their coach. 

He said his teammates were terrified to do drills with him as he was mean and aggressive. 

He said when coach threw ball up in the air one of the team player who was freshman cut into him instead of jumping. 

Both of them fell on the floor as they knocked out each other. 

He got up immediately, walked over, stepped on him, and threatened him not to ever undercut him again.

His coach threw him out from the practice and at that moment, he was done with basketball. After that, he decided to focus on wrestling. 

What was Undertaker like when he was a kid?

Undertaker had a normal childhood like any other kid. 

He said people always asked about what happened in his childhood that led him to go into the dark and become a wrestler. 

To our surprise, he was a normal kid like others. He grew up with his four brothers. In an interview his mother said that he was very good kid. 

He said his mother was a home maker and his father was a hardworking man doing plumbing, roofing and any kinds of jobs to feed his family. 

He learnt to be hard working person from his parents. 

Undertaker talked about the shoes he used to wear while playing basketball

He used to wear Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star in training. While playing games, he used to wear leather Doctor J shoes. 

He said loved those shoes. He said it was fun playing gearing up in Dr. J shoes. He said it was highlight of his basketball playing time. 

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