Who Is Gwen Yeargain? Ex-Wife Of Hank Williams Jr.

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Who Is Gwen Yeargain? Ex-Wife Of Hank Williams Jr.

Gwen Yeargain is the ex-wife of American singer-songwriter and musician Hank Williams Jr. 

Is Gwen Married? 

Gwen married Hank in 1971, just a year after meeting each other. Gwen shares a son named Shelton Hank Williams with Hank

Sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, as the couple divorced in 1977

As of 2023, it’s unknown if Gwen is married or not. 

After her divorce from Hank, she went low-key about her personal life.

Gwen Yeargain with her ex-husband, Hank Williams Jr.
Gwen Yeargain with her ex-husband, Hank Williams Jr. Source: Pinterest

Remarriage Of Ex-Husband

Shortly after getting divorced from Gwen, Hank moved on in no time. 

In the same year of their divorce, Hank married another woman named Becky White

They have two kids and were married only for six years and then parted ways.

He tied the knot with his third wife, Mary Jane Thomas, in 1990

They were married till Mary’s death in 2022. They were parents to two children.

As of now, Hank is married to his spouse, Brandi

They exchanged vows on September 9, 2023, and are happy. 

Hank and Brandi were good friends for decades before being lovers.

Hank Williams Jr. with his current wife.
Hank Williams Jr. with his current wife. Source: Instagram

About Gwen’s Ex-Husband Hank

Hank Williams Jr is a singer, songwriter, and musician. 

He is well known for his 80s and 90s hit songs A Country Boy Can Survive, Dinosaur, and Country State of Mind

He was born in 1949 to his parents, Audrey and Hank Williams. His full name is Randall Hank Williams

Age And Net Worth

Hank is 74 years old. He has a net worth of $45 Million. His source of income of income is music.

Gwen Yeargain's son, Shelton.
Gwen Yeargain's son, Shelton. Source: Instagram

Hank Was Unable To Satisfy The Audience

Hank is one of the well-known musicians. He started his career at eight and followed in his dad’s footsteps. 

Hanks's father, Hank Sr., was a legendary singer, and like his dad, Hank followed a music career. 

It was all enjoyable and jolly when he started doing shows at eight years old, but things started changing as he grew up. 

Although he was a great singer, the audience always wanted to see his dad’s part in him.

His dad had created his audience, and no matter what Hank did, he could not satisfy the audience as himself. 

He needed to fill his dad’s space every time he performed and had to go through such significant responsibilities at a young age. 

Did Hank Got Kicked Out From ESPN?

Hank had worked with ESPN for more than three decades. 

He was the voice of Monday Night football for over three decades, but in 2011, Hank and ESPN parted ways. 

The whole thing happened after Hank compared President of American Obama with Hitler, which got him dragged into a whole new controversy. 

ESPN released the news of cutting ties with Hank, stating that he was no longer part of ESPN, which made people think that ESPN kicked out Hank

However, in an interview, Hank cleared out that he wasn’t fired. Instead, he was the one who decided to leave ESPN

He made his manager tell ESPN about him quitting and has no regrets. 

Hank Nearly Died

Hank opened up about his hiking trip, which almost took his life in an interview. 

In 1975, he and his close friend took a mountain hike. 

They were having a great time on the hike, but unfortunately, he slipped on the snow and fell 500 feet down. 

He hit his head very hard on a rock, and the very first thing he checked after reaching down was his hand. 

His hands were precious to him as a musician, so he was concerned about his hand. 

Although he hit hard on the rock, he felt no pain, but after a while, he felt blood running down his head. 

His friend came down to help him, and they called a helicopter for help. 

He was rushed to hospital and had to spend hours on his surgery because he had a severe injury to his head. 

He was lucky that he managed to survive such an accident at the young age of 26.

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