Gwendlyn Brown – Shocking Claims From Kody Brown Daughter

by Pragya Sat Mar 30 2024 Updated On Sat Mar 30 2024
Gwendlyn Brown – Shocking Claims From Kody Brown Daughter

Gwendlyn Brown is the daughter of American TV personality Kody Brown

Gwendlyn herself is a TV personality well known for her appearance in the reality TV series Sister Wives

She was born in the year 2001 and celebrates her birthday on October 15. She is an American citizen by nationality. 

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Married life of Gwendlyn

Gwendlyn is married to her wife, Beatriz Queiroz. She met Beatriz when she worked at a fast-food cafe. 

Gwendlyn was the one who started crushing on Beatriz, and shortly after spending time with each other, they started dating. 

They got engaged in 2022, and after seven months of their engagement, they tied the knot. They are now living a happy life together.

Age and Net Worth

Gwendlyn is 21 years old. She has a net worth of $600 thousand. Her source of income is Television. 

Gwendlyn Brown posing with her silver button
Gwendlyn Brown posing with her silver button. Source: Instagram

Gwendlyn and her partner have similar tastes. 

Gwendlyn and her wife Beatriz talked about the things that they love, and they kind of have the same taste as both enjoy stargazing. 

The couple spent their time stargazing on the very first date and also they both enjoy watching shows together. 

Both of them also want the same thing and opened up that they both want to do travel and vlogging. 

They went on a trip in their first month, to Disneyland, and they had super fun. 

They didn’t have much money with them, so they had to sleep in the car and walk to their hotels, but despite that, they both considered it the best trip they had ever had together. 

Gwendlyn Brown with her wife Beatriz Queiroz
Gwendlyn Brown with her wife Beatriz Queiroz. Source: Instagram

Gwendlyn doesn’t like her stepmother 

Gwendlyn’s dad, Kody, married Robyn Brown in 2014, and since then, Kody has been part of the reality TV show Sisters Wives and Gwendlyn’s Life. 

In one of the YouTube videos, Gwendlyn talked about Robyn while watching episodes of her own show, and she said that she doesn’t like her stepmom Robyn

She thinks that Robyn is not a good person while watching the episode. She doesn’t like anything about Robyn

Gwendlyn also claimed that her stepmom has never tried to reach out to her or her other siblings, even though Gwendlyn tried to reach out and wished her on her birthday. 

Robyn never makes an effort, and it’s also one of the reasons that Gwendly feels less about her. 

But despite everything, Gwendlyn appreciates one thing about Robyn, and that is Robyn introducing herself to Gwendlyn’s partner, Beatrice

Gwendlyn, on her sexuality

Gwendlyn publicly came out as bisexual when she was 20 years old. 

She revealed that big news on the show Sister Wives and gladly told the truth that she is into both men and women. 

Her mom, Christine, and her dad, Kody, both have been very cool about her sexual orientation. 

Her dad used to interfere a lot in her and her sibling's dating life before, but as they grew older, he stopped doing that. 

Gwendlyn's mom, Christine, has been super supportive about Gwendlyn being bisexual, and she does her best to embrace Gwendlyn

They talked about everything, and Christine loves Gwendlyn for who she is. 

Gwendlyn's partner’s thoughts on Kody

Gwendlyn did a Q&A session with her partner Beatriz in her YouTube video, where Beatriz answered fan questions. 

So there was a question about what Beatriz thinks of Gwendlyn's dad, Kody, and for that, Beatrice replied by saying that Kody is an interesting character. 

She had met Kody and absolutely loved his fun nature, but she didn’t like the way he talked with Gwendlyn

Beatriz personally feels that Kody doesn’t know how to talk with his family members, especially since she doesn’t like Kody talking to Gwendlyn about anything. 

Beatriz loves Gwendlyn, and seeing someone being obnoxious to the person she cares so much is what she dislikes most. 

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