Who Is Hailey Veronica Adeleke? Daughter Of Davido

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Who Is Hailey Veronica Adeleke? Daughter Of Davido

Hailey Veronica Adeleke is the daughter of Nigerian singer and songwriter Davido Adedeji Adeleke OON, who is professionally known as Davido.

Her mother's name is Amanda. Her parents were never married. 

Hailey has four half-siblings. 

Hailey Veronica Adeleke with her parents.
Hailey Veronica Adeleke with her parents. Source: Instagram

Father's Married Life

Davido is married to Chioma Rowland. His wife is a chef, model, and social media personality from Nigeria

They got married secretly and confirmed their marriage in March 2023. They share two kids.

Davido Lost His Three-Year-Old Son 

Davido's son Ifeanyi drowned in the family pool in October 2022

The incident happened when he and his wife were out of town. They left their son with nannies and staff. 

Eight of them were questioned after the death of the child, but none of them were found guilty. 


Hailey Veronica will be six years old in 2023.

Net Worth

Her father Davido's net worth is estimated to be $27.6 million

Hailey Veronica Adeleke with her father, Davido.
Hailey Veronica Adeleke with her father, Davido. Source: Instagram

Davido's Dad Shut Down His Concert

Davido said that he comes from an educated family background. 

He said he was the first-generation entertainer in his whole line of blood. 

He said his father was distraught that he had not finished his school. 

He said his father never stopped him from doing music, but he wanted him to finish school at any cost. 

He said his father owned a university, and his mom was a college professor, but he could not stand school. 

He said he made a deal out of school that he only attends school two weeks a month, and he can be in the studio for the remaining two weeks. 

He said his music got bigger after some time, and he became a distraction in class. 

He said he was getting bigger, and his father was getting mad over him as he saw a billboard of him doing a show. 

He said his father was such a powerful man that his show got canceled before he got there. 

He added everyone was scared to book him because of his father. He said he did finish school, and his father is his biggest fan now.

Davido Talked About How He Started His Music Career

Davido shared that he started as a producer and sound engineer

He said he never thought that he was going to be an artist. He added he used to be in the studio. 

He said he liked picking music, beats, and melody. 

He added he has a hoarse voice and he used to do all the mixing of his vocals. 

He shared that at that time, he used to record songs and had his cousin sing them as he could not be at the forefront because of his family. 

He said one day, one of his cousins came to him and told him that he sounded better than everyone else. 

He posted his record on Facebook and sang some verses from their songs. Later, he wrote his own songs. 

He said when people brought records to him, he used to hear them and knew that that record would be hit with his voice. 

He said he is happy being an engineer as well as an artist. 

Davido Talked About Making Afrobeats

Davido said that he started exploring more afro stuff when he returned to America. 

He shared he had a cousin who was making Afro music in Nigeria, and they got connected through Facebook, and he started making beats that sounded like Afro, so he sent them to him. 

His cousin recorded it, and they were like a producer duo. 

He said back then, he wanted to sound like Afrobeat R&B and add a modern touch. 

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