Who Is Hallie Ray Light? Wife Of Parker McCollum

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Who Is Hallie Ray Light? Wife Of Parker McCollum

Hallie Ray Light is the wife of American singer and songwriter Parker McCollum

She was born to her parents, Natalie Miller Light and Tal Light, in 1997. She has her birthday on 26 Feb

She grew up with her two sisters, Kaylee and Kamri. Hailee owns KIHK Company, which she runs with her sister. 

She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Hallie Ray Light with her father.
Hallie Ray Light with her father. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Hailee is married to her husband, Parker. She started dating Parker in 2019

They dated for a very short time and broke up in 2020 because of their issue.

But their separation didn’t last long, as they loved each other. 

They got back together again, and in 2021, Parker proposed to her. Shortly after their engagement, they happily tied the knot.

Hallie Ray Light with her husband, Parker McCollum.
Hallie Ray Light with her husband, Parker McCollum. Source: Instagram

Hailee and Parker had their wedding ceremony in Tomball, Texas

They had a grand wedding event, and tons of their family, friends, and close ones were invited to their wedding. 

Hailee's partner, Parker, was overwhelmed when she walked down the aisle with her dad. 

There was a video of Parker teared up when he saw beautiful Hailee walking down the aisle to be his bride. 

Both of them had a great moment, and after their marriage, they shared their pictures on social media.

Age And Net Worth 

Hailee is 26 years old. Her net worth is under review; however, her husband, Parker, has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million

His source of income is singing

Hallie Ray Light with her mom.
Hallie Ray Light with her mom. Source: Instagram

Hailee Is Perfect

Hailee came to the spotlight after her marriage to singer Parker

The couple seems to have a great life and relationship together. 

Hailee has got a way too loving husband and also a great mother-in-law. 

In one of the interviews, Hailee’s mother-in-law mentioned Hailee as a perfect daughter-in-law. 

Her mom-in-law has known her for only three years but feels like she has known Hailee from the start. 

When Parker met Hailee for the first time, he called his mom and told her that Hailee was the one. He also said to her that Hailee wasn’t quite interested in him. 

Hailee’s mother-in-law knew at the moment that Hailee and Parker would end up together, and she believed that Parker would do anything to win over Hailee. 

Hailee Is A Supportive Partner

Hailee has a beautiful relationship with her husband. 

Her husband, Parker, often talks about Hailee in the interviews and appreciates everything she has done for him.

He said that Hailee understands and supports him. 

He wants to be a better version of himself just for her, and he has changed himself a lot throughout the years just because of Hailee

Parker said that Hailee let him do his work and never complained. 

As a musician, he has to be away from his house most of the time, and still, Hailee never tells him anything. 

He feels blessed and fortunate to have her.

Parker Was Nervous In The Whole Show

In 2022, Parker made his first-ever debut in Houston Rodeo

It was his first time performing in Rodeo, which made him super anxious. 

He shared that he got to experience everything during his performance. There was a huge crowd, and he was headlining. 

Even before the show, he had to take a cocktail to ease himself, but it didn’t work. 

The show was about an hour, and throughout the whole show, he was nervous. 

It was his first time getting nervous the entire show. Usually, he felt comfortable after one or two songs, but during that time, he just couldn’t. 

He also got to experience his first fall on the stage. He never fell on the stage during his performance, but at that time, he did. 

Parker Was Heartbroken 

Hailee and Parker broke up for a while in 2020. They had some disagreements, which caused them to end their relationship. 

Parker said he doesn’t remember the exact reason behind their separation; however, it deeply affected him. 

After the breakup with Hailee, he went through a very dark time. 

He even wrote a song expressing his emotions of that time titled Handle on You.

He was utterly heartbroken and didn’t see anything in his life without Hailee. He was upset and couldn’t even focus on his career. 

Luckily, they managed to give their relationship a second chance, and now they are husband and wife.

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