Who Is Hannah Cornish? Sister Of Jessie J.

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Hannah Cornish is the elder sister of English singer and songwriter Jessie J. 

She is the daughter of Stephen Cornish and Rose Cornish. She has two siblings, including Jessie. 

She was born in Chadwell Heath. She is an English citizen.

Family of Hannah Cornish.
Family of Hannah Cornish. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Hannah's Sister Jessie 

Jessie is not married yet. She has clearly opened up that she is bisexual by her sexuality. 

She has dated men as well as women in her life.

Dating Life Of Jessie 

Jessie is currently in a relationship with Channan Safir Coleman. It's unknown about they exactly started dating.

Before Safir, Jessie was in an off/on relationship with Channing Tatum. They dated from 2018 to 2020

She also had a relationship with Luke James in 2014.

Hannah Cornish's sister Jessie J.
Hannah Cornish's sister Jessie J. Source: Instagram


Her sister Jessie is 34 years old. Her height is 1.75 m. 

Net Worth 

Her sister Jessie's networth is $30 Million

Jessie Lost Her Baby

Jessie was pregnant with her first baby. 

She had that baby with her ex-partner, and as their relationship ended, she decided to keep the baby and raise it all by herself. 

She was really happy when she found out about her pregnancy, but sadly her happiness didn’t last long. 

She had to suffer a miscarriage which broke her heart. 

She opened up that she always wanted to have a baby and she loved the kids very much. 

The second thing that comes to her mind after her career is being a mom. 

Losing her baby was a great loss to her. As soon as she found out that her baby had passed away, she called her mom. 

It was the hardest time that she felt, but the thing which helped him to overcome that moment as she knew that it happened because she was not supposed to raise that baby alone. 

She needed someone who could take care of her child with her.

Being Famous Is Hard

In one of the interviews, Jessie talked about fame and how it controls the people who are famous. 

She opened up that as a public figure, it is really hard for her to keep her life private. 

She had also opened up about her past relationships. 

She had many famous people and always had high-profile relationships. 

She said that even though she wanted to keep her relationship private, she couldn’t. 

People come around, take her picture, and then the next day shares it on social media. 

She said that being in the spotlight is difficult, and people assumes thing and keeps their opinions on personal matters too. 

Because of this chaos, Jessie started feeling that she needed privacy. 

As her fame arose and the experience she got from it made her think that she needed more privacy, and now she is a very private person. 

Accused Of Using Autotunes 

Jessie is one of the famous singers with a successful career

She has mind-blowing vocals, and her voice has won the hearts of many people. 

But many people, mostly people from the UK, have accused Jessie of the auto-tune. 

For many years UK media have blamed Jessie for using autotunes in her song. 

She clearly said that she doesn’t use any autotune or effects in her songs, but people didn’t believe her and kept on accusing her of using it. 

She said so many times that she didn’t, and she really got fed up with everything, so she decided to let the haters say what they wanted to say, and all she wanted to say was the F-word to them.

Jessie Suffered From A Stroke 

At the age of 18, Jessie suffered from a minor stroke

She recalled the memory of the time she had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. 

She thought that she would not survive, but she did. 

Surviving that stroke was like a second chance to live, and she is very grateful that she got to live her life again and now is doing everything that she wanted to do. 

Jessie has had health problems since she was a child. 

She said she was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White syndrome, which makes her heartbeat irregular. 

She was very young when she knew about her condition, and she thought that she would never be normal.

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