Who Is Harlow Madden? Daughter Of Joel Madden

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Who Is Harlow Madden? Daughter Of Joel Madden

Harlow Madden is a celebrity kid. She is known as the daughter of singer Joel Madden and fashion designer Nicole Richie.

She was born in California. She has a brother named Sparrow Madden. She celebrates her birthday on 12 January.

Harlow Madden with her parents and brother
Harlow Madden with her parents and brother Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Joel is happily married to Nicole. They started dating back in 2006. Joel fell in love with her at the first meeting. 

They became parents to their two kids. They exchanged their wedding vowed in 2010

They prioritize their family first. 

They are well aware that the family's foundation should be strong and wants to set an example of a healthy family as both of them came from a broken family. 

There is no secret between them. They support each other throughout. 

Joel appreciated his wife a lot. They have been married for more than a decade. 

Their true love, support and trust are the main factors that make their marriage happy and healthy.

Harlow Madden's parents, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie
Harlow Madden's parents, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie  Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Joel

Joel had only one relationship in his past. He dated Hilary Duff in 2004

They met each other when they were working on a compilation album. 

Hilary was just 16 years old when they started dating. Their romance started in 2004.

Hilary's mother confirmed their relationship in an interview in 2005. But their romance was short-lived. 

They parted ways in 2006 after being together for two years. The reason behind their split is not known.

Harlow Madden with her father, Joel Madden
Harlow Madden with her father, Joel Madden Source: Instagram


Harlow was born in January 2008, and her current age is 14 years old.

Net Worth

Her father's net worth is estimated to be $16 million. He has managed to earn this massive wealth from his singing career.

Father Formed Band At The Age of 16

Joel formed a band with his twin brother Benji Madden. They named their band Good Charlotte

Joel said that he wanted to build some legacy in the world. 

They made a deal when they were 15 and said that they were 50-50 partner who would never let money come between them. 

It was the agreement that held them tight. Their band was hit and sold millions of copies of their album. 

Together they forged a winning combination. They are the closest twin.

Joel Talked About Meeting Nicole's Dad, Music Legend Lionel Richie

Joel will never forget his introduction to Nicole's dad. 

When Nicole brought him to her house for the first time to introduce him to her father, Lionel was not impressed as he didn't find him charming. 

Joel was very much intimidated by his presence. 

Joel was all sweaty and shaky. Nicole's dad was unaware of his tattoos. 

He was wearing a t-shirt and thought that he had got tattoos only up to his arms. He knew about his band. 

He was happy that he was making money. They had one thing in common: they came from the same industry. 

Their bond got stronger over the years. 

They even made a deal that whenever Nicole gets angry, the first thing he will do is call him immediately. 

Harlow Madden's mother Nicole Richie
Harlow Madden's mother, Nicole Richie Source: Instagram

Nicole Lied To Attract Joel 

Nicole was 25 when she met Joel. He asked her if she had watched The Wire or not. 

She lied and said she had so that she would hang out with him. One day he showed her season 3 of the show. 

She pretended to know about the show the entire time. It was a horrible experience for her as she hated the show. 

Later she decided to watch the show, and after watching it, she loved the show and watched season 2.

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