Who Is Harlyn Quinn Tomlin? Daughter Of Mike Tomlin

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Who Is Harlyn Quinn Tomlin? Daughter Of Mike Tomlin

Harlyn Quinn Tomlin is the daughter of football coach Mike Tomlin, currently head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football Association. Her mother's name is Kiya Winston.

She was born in 2006. She had got a full athletic scholarship at the University of Georgia. She is a gymnast

She has won five medals, including two state titles. She has two siblings.

Harlyn Quinn with her father, Mike Tomlin.
Harlyn Quinn with her father, Mike Tomlin. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Mike is happily married to Kiya Winston. She is a designer and owns a clothing line

His wife is a former gymnast

He met his wife when they were attending The College of Willian and Mary during the '90s. 

They got married in 1996. They have three kids: Michael, Mason, and Harlyn

Parents of Harlyn Quinn.
Parents of Harlyn Quinn. Source: Instagram


Harlyn is 17 years old.

Net worth

Her father, Mike, has an estimated net worth of $16 million.

 Family of Harlyn Quinn Tomlin.
Family of Harlyn Quinn Tomlin. Source: Instagram

Mike Talked About The Game Against The Patriots In A Press Conference

Steelers lost against Patriots in a week 14 game.  He said they have lots of things to work on. 

He said they got several points off their turnover, and on the short field, they got zero points, which significantly differed in how the game turned around. 

He added there was a difference in the outcome and said it was very disappointing. 

He said his team played hard in the second half, but they came up short on the turnover in terms of the points. 

He said they wanted to be aggressive and win, but they could not get it done. 

He said the team has done a great job in previous matches, and he should give them credit for that. 

He added despite back-to-back losses, they are ready for their next opportunity next week. 

He said losing stings, but they will return to the game again.

Mike Talked About His College Days

Mike said that he was exposed to football in a huge amount when he was in college. 

When asked what kind of wide receiver he was, he replied at that time, and in that playing environment, he said he was a deep ball kind of guy. 

When Mike was in college, he was a wide receiver. He said he was always catching balls. 

He said back in the day, his team was balanced between running and throwing balls. 

He shared they were successful as a team. He added he lost two games in college. 

He said the team was great, and the division of labor was well divided, and they used to kill on the pitch as they were 250 on the ground in the air. 

How Did Mike Become A Defensive Coach?

He was a wide receiver coach in the first year of his coaching career. 

He started his coaching job at Virginia Military Institute

He went to a coaching convention in New Orleans, and it was his first-ever convention. 

He was hunting for a GA spot, not knowing how hard it was to get that. 

The only spot he got was a defensive GA spot at Memphis

He said he only got that spot because of the head coach of Memphis at that time, who recognized him for how he was.

He said he knew his game strength. 

He said he never meant to be a defensive coach; it happened because it was his job. 

He went on with his job after that. Keith Butler was also there on the staff as coordinator

He added Bucks was the one who took interest in his growth. 

He said he had no background in defense, so he used to go to his office downtown to learn defenses. 

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