Harper Grace Burtka-Harris

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Harper Grace Burtka-Harris

Harper Grace Burtka-Harris is the daughter of a famous American actor, singer, comedian and producer, Neil Patrick Harris

Harper's other parent name is David Burtka, an actor and a chef. Harper has a brother named Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris

They both are twins. Harper was born in America and is an American citizen. 

Parents of Harper Grace Burtka-Harris
Parents of Harper Grace Burtka-Harris  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Neil Patrick Harris

Neil is gay by sexuality. Neil began dating David Burtka in 2004

Before dating Neil, David was in a long-distance relationship, but after meeting Neil, he broke up with his then partner. 

Neil and David went to watch a movie on their first date. They started seeing each other daily, and it became a habit. They fell in love very deeply. 

They always wanted a family. So in October of 2010, they have their fraternal twins, a son and a daughter with the help of a surrogate mother and named them Harper Grace and Gideon Scott

Neil and David got married on 6 September 2014 through a private ceremony.

Family of Harper Grace Burtka-Harris
Family of Harper Grace Burtka-Harris  Source: Instagram

About Neil Patrick Harris

Neil is a famous American actor, singer, comedian, writer, and producer born on 15 June 1973 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, America

He was born to Ron Harris and Sheila Harris. He has a brother whose name is Brain Harris.

He was interested in acting since his childhood days and started as a child actor early. 

His first movie as a grown-up person was "Animal Room." Since then, he has performed in many fabulous movies as a supporting character. 

He has also worked as a voice artist. He has been in a relationship with David Burtka since 2004 and has twins, a son and a daughter through surrogate mother as they are gay.

Whose Genes Does Harper Grace Burtka-Harris Have?

Harper Grace and her brother were born with the help of a surrogate mother. During the sperm implantation, both of their dad's sperm were used. 

It is not clear who the children's biological father is, but as per David, their character shows it all. 

Grace is all like her father, David, whereas her brother shows Neil's character. 

It seems that Grace and her brother have the genes of both their fathers. 


Harper was born on 13 October 2010. She has celebrated her 11th birthday with her brother this year.

Net Worth

Harper is a school-going kid, so there is no information about her net worth. 

Her father, Neil, has a net worth of 50 million dollars.

His source of income is acting.

Is Neil Patrick A Bad Comedian?

Neil shared a post to his Twitter in 2018. The post was of the Tony Award where he tweeted jokingly pointing towards the women in backstage.

That woman was Rachel Bloom, an actress. Rachel replied to his tweet, saying they knew each other and were Neil's big fan. 

She also addressed that her husband wrote of Neil's series "How I met Your Mother.

Later in an interview, Rachel expressed that she was not happy seeing the post, and thousands saw that. 

She knew it was a joke, but she thought it was not a nice one. 

She wanted to reply that she was unhappy with the post, but she let it go. 

Neil later apologized, but he was not sorry for what he did.   

Harper Grace Burtka-Harris with her twin brother
Harper Grace Burtka-Harris with her twin brother  Source: Instagram

Neil's Small Mistake Made Her Go Through Surgery

In 2019, Neil went on hiking in Croatia. While walking he took support of something so that he wouldn't slip. 

He mistakenly took support on the place where there was sea urchin. His hand was full of sea urchin spines, which was hurting him.

He removed all the spines that he could, but some of them were so big that he couldn't remove that personally. 

He then had to visit the hospital. There he had surgery to remove the spines.

He informed his fans through his Instagram account about that incident. 

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