Harriet Dynevor

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Harriet Dynevor

Harriet Dynevor is the youngest sister of an English actress Phoebe Dynevor

Her full name is Harriet Fleur Dynevor.

About her Beautiful Family

Her father'sDynevor's name is Tim Dynevor. He was born in 1962. He is a British actor and a screenwriter. 

In 2008, Tim was nominated for BAFTA for his work in the British soap opera Emmerdale

Harriet Dynevor father Tim Dynevor and mother Sally Dynevor
Harriet Dynevor's father Tim Dynevor and mother,Dynevor's Sally Dynevor  Source: Instagram

Her mother's name is Sally Dynevor. She was born on May 30th, 1963, in Middleton, United Kingdom

She is known for her role as Sally Webster in the long-running television show "Coronation Street" since 1986.

Her parents got married back in 1995. The couple welcomed three children.

She has two oldest siblings, sister Phoebe Dynevor and brother Samuel Dynevor

The bonding between the siblings is so strong. They encourage and support each other a lot. 

Not only her parents are well known in the television industry. Even her great grandparents also worked in the television industry.

Harriet Dynevor with her siblings Phoebe Dynevor and Samuel Dynevor
Harriet Dynevor with her siblings Phoebe Dynevor and Samuel Dynevor    Source: Instagram

About sister Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe was born on May 17th, 1995, in Trafford, Greater Manchester

She has had a keen interest in acting since her childhood days. 

Phoebe Dynevor with her mother Sally Dynevor and sister Harriet Dynevor
Phoebe Dynevor with her mother Sally Dynevor and sister Harriet Dynevor  Source: Instagram 

She belongs to a family which is a recognizable name in the entertainment industry. She played her first role at the age of fourteen in "Waterloo Road," a British show.

She was talented in both studies and acting and excellently kept both jobs.

While working as a child actress, she gained an A and two B's in her A-Levels alongside her acting.

After appearing in different television shows as a small role actress for a long time, she didn't stop there.

She started talking about a lead role in a Comedy Crime series and other movie projects.

To get her lead role in her hit Netflix series Bridgerton. Phoebe learned horse riding for her rising star role. 

Harriet Dynevor sister Phoebe Dynevor
Harriet Dynevor sister Phoebe Dynevor   Source: Instagram

She was also found doing dance, piano, and etiquette classes for her perfect role, making her seem such a match for the role.

She was seen so naturally fitted in a leading role in "Bridgerton," which was loved by all the watchers. 

She became the new favorite lead actress of all in a short time with an increasing number of fans.

Sister's Affairs

She was romantically involved with an actor Sean Teale. The couples didn't hide their relationship. 

They were seen having a good time through their social media account and attending various events together.

But the couple broke up without sharing the reason.

Harriet Dynevor with her sister Phoebe Dynevor
Harriet Dynevor with her sister Phoebe Dynevor    Source: Instagram

According to several rumors, she is dating Pete Davidson. He is a comedian, actor, producer, writer, and television personality. 

The couple has not confirmed their dating rumors yet.

But the couple were spotted hugging and walking together by the photographer.

According to Phoebe and Pete's sources, Pete is serious about Phoebe and is committed to their relationship.

Talk about her co-star and show 

Harriet's sister Phoebe gave an interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," where she talked about her series chemistry with co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda. It was the first interview of Phoebe in that show. 

Phoebe is known for her role in play Bridgerton series. Jimmy then asked Phoebe how she felt about Lin-Manuel Miranda. Phoebe got excited when she heard the name Lin as she is a huge fan. 

Phoebe and her family spent lockdown together, and they had lots of fun during that time, and she adores Lin. Phoebe is eager to see Lin in her new show.  

She then talked about leaving LA and going to her own country England. At that time, she was messed up and was confused about what to do and what not to do. Then she thought she had to return to her motherland and have a good time with her parents. 

She booked her flight and was about to leave, but then she dropped her plan after getting an offer from Bridgerton.

The host, Jimmy, then asked her about the chemistry between her and Rege-Jean, for which she answered that they were practicing dance, and they both were quite uneasy about doing that as they had never done. 

Phoebe maintained eye contact with Rege-Jean, which did help in showing their chemistry. She also said that Rege-Jean not being in the second season of Bridgerton. What she likes about Bridgerton is that it keeps bringing new stories every season, making it more fun. 

In season 2, they are bringing her brother to the show, and so she is waiting to see the show and enjoy it. She is also there in season 2, and she can't express how happy is she to be back on the show.

For more information about the interview, do visit the link

Phoebe Dynevor Thinks Life is the Greatest Gift

Phoebe gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar UK in 2021. There she talked about herself, her changes after her series Bridgerton and her wishes. 

She expressed that she is a fun-loving girl who is sometimes silly among her friends and those she loves. 

She also said that she is passionate about her life. But some things make her angry.

When people ignore or do not consider other people around them, then she gets hyped up. 

When asked about the movie that changed her life, she gave the credit to Bridgerton

She didn’t exactly mean that it opened the door for her other career in acting, but she got many positive learnings from the set of the movie. 

She experienced many sorts of things and got to test her limits. It pushed her to her furthest, which helped her in her real life. 

She opened up that working on projects like Bridgerton keeps her happy in life. She also expressed that her loved ones are part of her happiness too. 

She indeed is a great actress, but in her life, she had faced an embarrassing audition for a musical-based movie. 

She had to sing in front of the casting director, which was weird. She also revealed that the best thing about her job was to connect with the characters. 

She always does the roles that she connects with the most. Her dream as an actor is to keep connecting to many characters and playing them with fun and joy. 

She is open to any kind of improvement in her hard work hence, she likes to learn many new things possible throughout her journey. 

She also revealed that the greatest gift in her life was her life itself. She is blessed to be born as Phoebe Dynevor, and she thanks her mom and dad for her beautiful life.

Net Worth and Earnings 

Her net worth is unknown, while her sister Phoebe Dynevor's net worth is structured below:

 Harriet Dynevor Phoebe Dynevor (sister)
Net worth Unknown $1-5million 
Income Unknown Actress 

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. She was born on November 14th, 2003, in New York City, United States.
  2. Her current age is seventeen years old.
  3. Her height and weight have not been disclosed.
  4. She is the youngest among her two siblings.
  5. Her nationality is American.

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