Harrison Wilson, III

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Harrison Wilson, III

Harrison Wilson, III was an attorney and the executive director of the Hard Road to Glory sports hall of fame.

He is the father of famous football quarterback Russell Wilson.

Early life 

He was the son of a Norfolk State University president, Harrison Wilson Sr.  

He received his law degree in 1980 from the University of Virginia Law school

Before this, he used to be a wide receiver in football and an infielder in baseball. He was a great athlete and a great student.  

Before going to law school, he thought of getting out for the NFL after graduating high school in 1977

He was a part of the black fraternity chapter at Dartmouth.

Former NFL linebacker Reggie Williams called him " H.B. Productions" when he played with his Dartmouth teams.

About Russell 

Born on born November 29, 1988, and is an American football quarterback for the NFL's Seattle Seahawks. 

In 2019, he signed a four-year, $140 million contract extension with the Seahawks, which made him the highest-paid player in the NFL at the time. 

In 2021, he was named Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

He was married to Ashton Meem in January 2012 and got divorced in April 2014

He then started dating singer Ciara and married her on July 6, 2016, at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

Harrison has two grandchildren, one born on  April 28, 2017, named Sienna Princess, and a grandson, Win Harrison, born on July 23, 2020.

Unfortunately, he could not meet his grandchildren. 

Tragic death 

He passed away at the young age of 55  after his long-lasting struggle with diabetes on June 9, 2010.

Russel a reflection of his dad 

Weldon Bradshaw, his teacher, said that his father had a huge influence on him. 

Williams, his teammate, said that he was everything his father was in the field of sports and also in academics; he is not only the spitting image of his dad but totally like his dad.

He was a great role model to his sons and trained them to be the men they are now. 

His grandfather, Harrison Sr, was also athletic and a basketball coach at Jackson state and a  multi-sport star at Kentucky State.

Tribute to his late father 

Harrison Wilson, III Son's Tribute
Harrison Wilson, III Son's Tribute Source: Instagram

On June 9, 2010, he posted an old picture of himself and his dad on the football ground of Collegiate School

He writes that he really misses his dad, and he will always remain his greatest inspiration. 

"Perspective," "vision," and "belief" are three things his father had taught him, which he says will always help him in his life. 

He says if he could have one wish granted, he would ask to go on a ride and jam out to the song "earth wind and fire" with his father for the last time.

Married to Tammy T. Wilson 

Harrison was married to Tammy T. Wilson, born on November 4, 1959. She is a legal nurse counselor

She is a very religious woman and what Russel says to be an ideal woman and mother.


They had their first baby on April 12, 1994, Harrison Wilson, IV

He also used to play basketball and football and played at the University of Richmond; right now, he works for a medical device manufacturer in Chicago.

Their second baby is Russell Wilson.

They had their third baby daughter on July 12, 1997, named Anna Wilson; she signed with Stanford to play basketball. 

Harrison Wilson, III Son Giving A Surprise To His Mother
Harrison Wilson, III Son Giving A Surprise To His Mother Source: YouTube

Russel surprised his mother on mother's day of  2019 by gifting her a brand new house. He thanks his mother for loving them unconditionally. 

Help the cancer victim 

Russell Wilson gave an interview to TED in 2021. Where he talked about struggle, positivity, being neutral and life.

He has a great family, wife and career. He is the highest-paid NFL player, and it is the life everyone wants. 

But according to him, he also had gone through the same situation as people. 

He said that pain, suffering, and struggle are part of life. People have to stay neutral. 

He also stated that negativity works every time and ruins people, whereas positivity always doesn't work, but people need to make it work anyway. 

He played in NFL for the first time on June 8, 2010. He was having a great time in his life. 

He played so well, and his name was in everyone's mouth. But on June 9, 2010, the next day, he lost his father. 

His happiness turned into sadness, and all the memory of his father was in front of his eyes. 

He also revealed that he was married at an early age. After he graduated, he couldn't even see a further life, he got married. 

He had a lot of bad situations in life. There was a time in his career that his team was not doing well, and he was also. 

But at all those moments, he stayed neutral. He went through all the pain to become a harder person. 

He learned to become a positive character. He controlled his emotions and applied them in his training. 

He went through suffering and became a better version of himself in his training. 

According to Russel, mental health is as much as important as physical. Hence he has a personal mental health trainer who has also become his best friend. 

He also added up a moment with a young cancer patient who had lost hope to live as he needed to get a lot of treatments that were not successful. 

Russell gave him hope and boosted his confidence to try every treatment possible as trying was better than giving up.

Dances after winning arguments

Rusell Wilson gave an interview to Jimmy Kimmel Live and his wife Ciara Russell, where they talked about their book and being competitive with each other.

The interviewer welcomed them and asked them about their new children's book, "Why Not You?". 

The couple opened up that they shared their passion and worked together on the book. 

After working together on the book, Rusell and Ciara started giving interviews together, and they said that they are enjoying doing that a lot. 

Rusell said that the phrase why not you is always used by his dad. 

He opened up about his getting inside his dad's car, and his dad told him why he was not him. 

To everything, his dad keeps on telling him why not you? Why don't you. 

Rusell then opened up about Ciara and his first date on that date, they both asked each other a lot of questions, and they both talked about what they wanted to do in their life. 

Rusell and Ciara always wanted to write a children's book, and they are happy that their children's book is liked by their children too.

They are parents of three kids, and they have named one of their kids Win

The interviewer told them that they had put a lot of pressure on their one-year-old kid to Win as they named him "Win." 

Ciara said that their son is winning in everything he does, and she is proud of that. 

Rusell and Ciara then opened up about being very competitive with each other. 

They both have that competitive nature within them, and they argue a lot because of that. 

His wife said that they have night sessions, and his wife starts dancing after she wins any argument with him.

Rusell's wife said that her dancing after winning Rusell is that she gets to win only sometimes as her husband is good at everything, so she dances to make Rusell remember her victory. 

Russell makes his wife nervous? 

Russell Wilson gave an interview to TheEllenShow and his wife was the one who took his interview. Russell’s wife hosted Ellen’s show as a guest host and there in the interview they talked about their book, children and how they feel about each other. As soon as Russell made his entry in the show his wife Ciara told that Russell makes her very nervous whenever they have to go together on set. After hearing that Russell decided to make Ciara more nervous and for that he got into his knees. Seeing that Ciara thought that her husband was going to propose her again but that time Russell asked Ciara if they could have 1 more baby together. Ciara answered saying no because they already have three children together and she don’t another one anytime soon.  Ciara told that she feels very seeing Rusell in papa mood and complimented Rusell for being such a hard working person. Russell wakes up 4 am in the morning does his workout and they do prayer in the morning. He is really a hardworking person and that inspires his wife Ciara a lot. Rusell and Ciara have a baby girl and Rusell opened up about the difficulty that he went through while choosing a name for their daughter. He told that choosing a name for a baby girl is the hardest thing. While he was driving he was thinking what he should name his daughter and at that time Sieana named came into his name and he called his wife and told his wife. Sieana is combination of two name Ciara and Ana. Both the names is very special to Russell became Ciara is his wife’s name and Ana is his sister’s name so he named his daughter combining two names. Russell talked about how he changed his life. When he was young he had nothing, he had to work hard for everything and he earned everything in his life by his own taking many risk.

Net worth and income sources

His net worth is unknown, but his son's net worth is $42 million, and his income source is football and football contracts. 

Net worth $42 million
income sources football, football contracts.

Age, Height 

  1. He was born on November 9, 1954 ( died June 9, 2010), making him 55 years.
  2. His height and weight are unknown.
  3. He is a Scorpio.

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