Who Is Harry Patrick? Father Of Carmen Electra

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Who Is Harry Patrick? Father Of Carmen Electra

Harry Patrick is the father of Carmen Electra, an American actress and model. He was married to Patricia Patrick. His wife died in August 1998.

Harry is a guitarist and entertainer. He has three children: Debbie, Carmen, and Rod Mark. 

His daughter, Debbie, is also no more. She died due to a heart attack.

Harry Patrick with his wife and daughter.
Harry Patrick with his wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

Harry's Wife's Passing Made His Daughter Carmen Devastated

Carmen got emotional while talking about her late mother during an episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry

Her mother, Patricia, passed away in 1998 from brain cancer. 

Carmen expressed regret about not being more present for her mother during her final years, feeling guilty about not fully understanding the severity of her illness. 

Carmen shared that her busy career coincided with her mother’s illness, and she didn’t realize the extent of her mother’s suffering. 

Despite flying her mother out to be with her during her career success. 

Carmen understands she was distracted and wishes her mother knew she was not intentionally insensitive. 

Carmen praised her older brother for his strength and dedication to their mother during her illness, admitting she feels guilty for not being there more. 

Carmen found it hard to cope with her mother’s passing. 

She talked about how difficult it was to see her mother vulnerable and struggling during her illness. 

Losing her mother was a challenging experience for Carmen

Daughter's Married Life With Dave

His daughter, Carmen, and Dave Navarro, a guitarist, married on 22 November 2003. 

Their marriage didn't last long. They separated in 2006, and their divorce was finalized in 2007. They have no kids together.

To celebrate Dave Navarro’s 51st birthday on June 7, Carmen shared a throwback photo from their 2003 wedding on Instagram. 

In the picture, Dave carries her across a room filled with rose petals. 

In her caption, Electra expressed her eternal love for Dave, highlighting their unique understanding, laughter, and acceptance of each other’s flaws during their marriage. 

Despite their 2007 divorce, they have remained close friends, and Electra appreciates his acceptance of her true self.

She is grateful for their long-lasting friendship. 

The Baywatch alum has stayed connected with Dave over the years, even sharing a playful tongue-touching selfie in 2014

Dave Navarro made it clear that he and Carmen are just close friends. 

After her divorce, Electra had a relationship with Simon Cowell and got engaged to Rob Patterson

In 2017, she shared that she is not actively looking for a new partner but is open to finding the right person if the connection feels right. 

Harry Patrick's daughter, Carmen Electra.
Harry Patrick's daughter, Carmen Electra. Source: Instagram


Harry's daughter Carmen is 51 years old

Net Worth

As an American actress and model, Harry’s daughter Carmen's net worth is about $8 million

Carmen Electra’s Empowering Journey

Carmen is having a fashionable and empowering time in her life. 

She recently became the face of the Australian clothing brand I.Am.Gia loves the freedom it brings, remembering her early days in L.A. in the '90s. 

She also controls her popular Only Fans page, enjoying the creative freedom it offers. 

Her fans often request foot-related content, which amuses her.

Carmen is not surprised recalling that there were even internet pages dedicated to her feet in high heels back in the day. 

She introduced some of her business and creative independence to her former boyfriend and mentor, Prince, who taught her dedication and gave her creative freedom. 

Now, Carmen feels confident in her path and creative ideas. 

Carmen’s Candid Chat With Joan Rivers

She talked about her role in the adult entertainment industry, valuing the importance of confidence and self-love for feeling sexy. 

She acknowledged facing criticism for her career choice and shared how she has overcome societal expectations tied to her fame. 

Carmen is confronted about her manager’s previous negative comments about Joan

They play a game choosing between action movies and chick flicks, leading to a discussion about their favorite media types. 

Carmen shared her preference for movies over working on a computer and wrapped up the conversation by discussing their favorite men in Hollywood. 

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