Harry Styler

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Harry Styler is the proud late father of famous British actress producer and director Trudie Styler

Harry was a farmer and factory worker by his profession. He was married to Pauline

He had three daughters with Pauline. Harry was an English citizen. 

How did Harry Styler's wife, Pauline Died?

Harry's wife Pauline took her last breathe at the age of 60.

It was confirmed that she had advanced Alzheimer's and was diagnosed at the age of 54

It is a kind of mental illness that attacks the memory and thinking capacity of a person. 

Because of that disease, her wife Pauline lost her weight and even gets wild for no reason. 

His wife turned into a different person. She had no peace in her. So she used to keep on roaming here and there, seeking peace. Due to her mental disease, she died at 60.

Daughter Trudie Styles Got Bullied Because of Her Looks

When Trudie was only two years old, she was the victim of a dreadful accident. 

She faced a road accident that caused damage to her face. She was hit by a van carrying bread and pulled down on the road floor by the exhaust pipe. 

That accident gave her terrible cuts on her face. She went through many surgeries but had to wait to get 16 years old to have plastic surgery on her face. 

Because of that accident and terrible cuts on her face, she never had a normal childhood like others. 

During her school days, she became a part of a joke to everyone due to facial wounds. She was teased by kids in her classroom and was given the name Scarface

She was so uncomfortable because of the scars on her face. But later, she accepted it and learned to love her with facial scars. 

Trudie doesn't feel ashamed of her wounds; instead, she takes them as a blessing that made her strong.  

Trudie's Married Life

Trudie is married to Sting, who is a pop star. Before getting into a relationship with Trudie's husband, Sting was married to Frances Tomelty, a friend of Trudie

Sting has two children with Tomelty. Sting and Trudie met each other for the first time in 1982.

Although Sting was married, he fell in love with Trudie.

Sting got divorced from his wife in 1984. Trudie and Sting dated each other. 

During their dating, their relationship was judged by many people because of the wounds on the face.

Even much news was flashed taunting Sting about to marry Scarface

They both got married on 1992 August 20Trudie has four children with Sting

Trudie with her husband Sting
Trudie with her husband Sting   Source: Instagram

Her eldest son's name is Brigitte Mickey Sumner, and her second child's name is Jake, her third son's name is Eliot, and her youngest name is Giacomo.

Sting and Trudie Protecting the Rainforest

Trudie and her husband Sting established a foundation that protects the rainforest and raises voices against the companies that damage the world's ecosystem. 

For about a year, Trudie was accused of doing this work to show off as a celebrity doing good work. 

But the foundation worked well and has successfully protected more than 100000 sq. km of rainforests and is against the industries that are harmful to the ecosystem. 

Net Worth

Trudie's net worth is $400 Million that shares with her husband Sting. Her source of income is actress, director, and producer.

Age,  Height, and Weight

His daughter Trudie is 67 years old. He died in 2006.

About Trudie Styler

Trudie is an English actress, director, and producer born on January 6, 1954

She was born to Harry Styler and Pauline. She has gone through a lot because of her childhood incident. 

She was judged by her face scar but later accepted herself and took her scar as strength.  

Trudie has done many films and tv series.  She is also the co-founder of Maven Picture production

Also, she opened a production company for the upcoming talents. She was signed for a movie because of her scar, which made her more confident about herself. 

Trudie, who is married to Sting, has four children with him.

Trudie and Stain
Trudie and Stain  Source: Instagram

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