Harry William Streep Jr

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Harry William Streep Jr is the late father of famous actress Meryl Streep. He was a pharmaceutical executive by profession. 

He was married to Mary Wilkinson Streep, who was an artist. They together have three children, Meryl, Harry, and Dana. They remained husband and wife till 2001.

Harry was from America. He was an American citizen.

Harry William Streep Jr ex-wife and children
Harry William Streep Jr ex-wife and children  Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Meryl Streep

Meryl is married to Don Gummer. They got married in 1978, and since then, they are together.

They together have four children, a son, and three daughters. 

Their children are also in the glamour industry, just like Meryl. Currently, they live together in a $1.8 million property in Connecticut.

Past Relationships Of Meryl Streep

Meryl is quite a private person despite her fame. Hence she has never revealed about her past affairs or relationships. 

But she was married to John Cazale. They got married in 1976. Both of them were happy together. 

But just after two years of marriage, John died due to lung cancer. It was a tough time for Meryl.

Meryl Streep with her husband Don Gummer
Meryl Streep with her husband Don Gummer Source: Instagram 

About Meryl Streep

Meryl is an American actress born on 22 June 1949. Her parents raised her in Summit, New Jersey, America, with her two siblings. 

She was always interested in music and acting since her childhood. 

Starting from singing in school to being a cheerleader at high school, she always was interested in this stuff. 

After completing her education, she started her career in 1975 and still is working. 

She had four children, all of whom are in the acting, music, and modeling industry. 

Her famous works include Adaptation, The Hours, and The Post.

Meryl Streep posing in a red outfit
Meryl Streep posing in a red outfit Source: Instagram


Harry was born on 3 October 1910 and he died at the age of 93 and that was on 22 July 2003.

Net Worth

Harry's daughter Meryl has a net worth of $ 160 Million. Her primary source of income comes from acting. 

Harry William Streep Jr's Daughter Is Turning Weak

Harry's daughter Meryl is undoubtedly one of the best actress. 

In her 70s, she is still contributing to the entertainment industry and entertaining her fans. 

But as time passes by, she seems to be physically getting weak. 

She still has the same talent, dedication, and hard work that she used to have at her younger days. 

But she revealed that she started having problem with her knees. It is not that she got injured or had fallen into an accident. 

It is just that she is slowly aging day by day. 

She is indeed an acting legend working hard to entertain people. 

Meryl Streep Got Injured

Meryl is indeed a hard-working actress, and she tries to get the best out of herself and out of others as well. 

In 2018, she was also doing musical numbers with the kids in the room. She was teaching the kids the basics of acting. 

The first thing that every acting class teaches is to fall. She also taught them to do so. 

She demonstrated the falling down act, but she forgot about her age. Hence it was too harsh for her. 

She injured her knees in the process. But the children out there enjoyed her act and were laughing. 

Seeing that she forgot her injury and thought it was worth it.

Meryl Was Always A Popular Girl

Meryl is a world-famous actress. People know her for her acting and beauty. 

She was not popular just after being an actress. At her high school, she was the most popular girl overall. 

She was interested in fashion and used to know things by reading a fashion magazine. She also dyed her hair in the process. 

So people were already noticing her. In addition, she was a cheerleader in the high school group. 

She was a leading person. Hence she was always in front of any kind of cheerleading or musical show.

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