Hart Violet Braun

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Hart Violet Braun

Hart Violet Braun is the daughter of Scooter Braun who is an American record executive and investor. Hart's mother's name is Yael Cohen

Her mom is the businesswoman and she is from South Africa.

Hart has two older siblings. Her nationality is American

Announcement of Hart Violet Braun's Birth

Hart was born on November 28, 2018. After five days of her birth, her mom and dad revealed her birth on their Instagram on December 5.

As with other celebrities, they also don't like to show their daughter's face on their social media. 

Braun's parents were so overwhelmed with their daughter's arrival and happily shared their feelings with their fans through their social media.

Hart Violet Braun with her parents Scooter and Yeal
Hart Violet Braun with her parents Scooter and Yeal  Source: Instagram

Father got Death Threats

Famous singer Taylor Swift accused Scooter of incessant bullying. Taylor Swift said that Braun stopped her from playing her old hits. 

Braun didn't speak anything about Taylor's allegations until his wife received a death threat

He opened up in public with the screenshot that he had received. As he was having issues with Taylor, he blamed Taylor for the threats he received and wrote an open letter. 

Taylor speech was interrupted at the 2009 MTV Awards and was taunted in songs. 

She accused Braun and thought he was the one who encouraged her to do that behavior. 

She claimed that Braun and Big Machine banned her from performing her old records on music awards. 

Braun added that he and Taylor lacked communication as that problem between them can be solved easily by communicating.

Scooter Went for a Spiritual Retreat

Before he filed divorced from his wife, Yael Cohen, Scooter was having an issue with himself. 

In that period, he was too much stressed up and was having dark thoughts. 

For the same reason, he went to an "intense psycho-spiritual retreat" a few months before he filed for divorced.

It was the same place where his client Justin Bieber, Sienna Miller, and Katy Perry went for a spiritual retreat.

There he learned about what he should be doing next. He learned to be more calm and composed and know the truth about life.

Family Of Hart Violet Braun
Family Of Hart Violet Braun  Source: Instagram

Parent's Realationship

Scooter is married to Yael Cohen, the founder and the CEO of a charity health organization. 

Braun proposed Cohen in January 2014 at his L.A. home. They got married in the same year in July in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

Braun has three children with Cohen. He has two sons and one daughter. 

His eldest son is Jagger, who is six years old. His second son is Levi, who is four years old, and his youngest daughter is Hart Violet, who is two and half years old.

Braun and Cohen filed for divorce as they were having issues with each other in july 2021 and their divorce was yet to be finalized. 

They are together for their children. They don't want to have a messy divorce like others. 

They both accepted that they could not fix their issues. They have to look after their children, so they are trying to keep it cool and easy.

Net Worth 

She is still a kid, so her net worth is unknown. His father's net worth is $400 million

His source of income is an investor and record executive.

Age, Height, and Weight

She was born on 1 December 2018. Her current age is two and a half years old.

About Scooter Braun

Scooter is an American record executive and investor born on June 18, 1981

He was born in New York City to conservative Jewish parents. He dropped his college before completing his degree. 

He joined marketing at the young age of 19. He became executive director of marketing at the age of 20

Braun is the manager for famous artists Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and many more. 

Justin Bieber became a renowned artist as Braun encountered him after seeing his 12 year old video on YouTube

He is married to Yael Cohen and has three children with her. 

Braun appeared two times on the cover of Billboard and was also awarded the Music Bizz in 2018

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