Who Is Hasty Khoei? Stunning Wife Of Jacques Torres

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Who Is Hasty Khoei? Stunning Wife Of Jacques Torres

Hasty Khoei is the wife of well-known French chocolatier Jacques Torres. She was born in Fernando Valley, California, in 1975

She grew up in California with her younger sibling. Her parents are Badri and Jhan Khoei

She has mastered culinary arts. She is the owner of a chocolate shop called Madame Chocolate in California

She used to work at a finance company before marriage.

Hasty Khoei with her husband, Jacques Torres.
Hasty Khoei with her husband, Jacques Torres. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Hasty has been happily married to Jacques since 2007. They share two kids. She used to work in her husband's chocolate factory.

Family of Hasty Khoei.
Family of Hasty Khoei. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Jacques, is 64 years old

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be $4 million

Children of Hasty Khoei.
Children of Hasty Khoei. Source: Instagram

Jacques Always Loved Cooking

Jacques was born and brought up in a small town in France. His father was a craftsman. 

He said he knew he would never be a craftsman like his father. At fourteen, he worked in a kitchen for free, per his brother's advice. 

He then realized that he wanted to become a pastry chef. 

Competing In Pastry Competition For The First Time

Torres worked under one of the finest pastry chefs. While working in such a demanding kitchen, he learned to raise high standards in his work. 

He found out about the pastry competition while working. He said he was 20 years old and was very arrogant and competitive at that age. 

The competition was one of the highest honors in France, which takes place once every three or four years. 

Chefs from all over the country participate in the competition, and the best is chosen. 

He trained for months under the best chefs in the country to prepare himself for the competition. 

The theme of the final was Easter in Blue. He got into the finals and won the competition. He was the youngest chef to receive that honor.

Torres Was Rebellious When He Was Young As A Chef

Torres wanted to start his own pastry business, but he needed money to start his business, so he started working as a pastry chef. 

Torres was offered a salary of $70k per year at Ritz-Carlton but was paid $50k a year. 

When he confronted them, the head of the Department of Food and Beverages told him to either go back to his country or move to Atlanta

He was not happy with how they treated him, but he stayed there and promised to take revenge on the food beverage director one day. 

After some time, a young chef offered him a job at his restaurant. He worked at Ritz-Carlton for six months. 

Torres joined the young chef and started working with him. 

The team of Ritz-Carlton heard about what Jacques was doing in another restaurant, so they went to have dinner where he was working. 

He wanted to show them what he was capable of doing. 

The team was so impressed with his work that they asked him to return to Ritz-Carlton, but he refused. He said it was his revenge on them.

Jacques Talked About How A Chocolate Chip Cookie Should Be Made

Jacques said the chocolate chip cookie is an American pastry rather than a French one. 

He sells around 6 to 8 thousand cookies weekly in his chocolate factory. He said everyone loves chocolate. 

He said the ingredients are most important than techniques. He uses high-fat butter to enhance the flavor. 

He mixes white and brown sugar and adds egg and a little vanilla. He balances the mixture of bread and cake flour. 

He never used baking chocolate. He said after making the dough, he bakes them the next day. 

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