Who Is Heather Joy Arrington? Mother Of Elle Fanning

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Who Is Heather Joy Arrington? Mother Of Elle Fanning

Heather Joy Arrington is the mother of American actress Elle Fanning. She was professionally a tennis player

She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Marriage And Children

Heather was previously married to Steven Fanning, a former baseball player

They met in the 90s, and in 1993, they tied the knot. They share two daughters named Elle and Dakota

Heather's marriage with Steven was great, but 2016 Steven filed for divorce. 

They tried to work on their marriage and even got together, but things didn't go well, so they finally divorced in 2018.

Heather Joy Arrington's ex-husband and their daughter.
Heather Joy Arrington's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

About Heather's Daughter Elle

Elle is a professional actress well known for portraying Aurora in the movie Maleficent

She was born to her mom Heather Joy and father, Steven Fanning, in 1998

She has her birthday on April 9

Heather Joy Arrington with her children.
Heather Joy Arrington with her children. Source: Instagram

Who Is Elle Married?

Elle is not married yet, but she does have a boyfriend. Elle has been dating Max Minghella since 2018

They met each other on the set of Teen Spirit, which Max himself directed. 

They have kept their relationship low-key but are enjoying their love life.

Age And Net Worth 

Heather was born in the year 1967 and is currently 56 years old. Her daughter, Elle, has a net worth of $7 Million

Beautiful daughters of  Heather Joy Arrington.
Beautiful daughters of  Heather Joy Arrington. Source: Pinterest

Heather Got Scholarship

Heather may be known as the mother of two brilliant celebrity daughters, Elle and Dakota, but she had a brilliant career at her age. 

She was a professional tennis player. 

She not just made a career out of her tennis talent, but in college, she studied on a scholarship because of her tennis talent. 

She was always dedicated to her dream and fulfilled her dream with her hardworking habit. 

Not just her but her father, Rick, was also an athlete. He was the quarterback player for a team named Philadelphia Eagles

So she always had sports blood and sportsmanship within herself.

  Heather Joy Arrington with her daughter, Elle Fanning.
  Heather Joy Arrington with her daughter, Elle Fanning. Source: Instagram

Elle Cried Over Her Sister

Elle gave an interview to W Magazine, where she talked about her sister and herself. 

She expressed that she was really a sensitive person and often got nostalgic over things. 

She shared her memory of being reflective and crying, which she felt weird at that time. 

She revealed that she once watched her sister Dakota’s interview when she was just a child. 

Dakota was just 6 when the interview was recorded, and watching that, Elle found her sister very cute and innocent. 

She started to tear up suddenly, even though she was not feeling like crying. 

She didn’t know what happened to her at the moment but was very overwhelmed watching her sister as a kid.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ignored Elle

In an interview, Elle talked about Leonardo DiCaprio and said he was her crush for a long time. 

He likes guys like Ryan and Jared Leto, and Leonardo is entirely different from them. 

But still, from her childhood to date, she had a different kind of crush on him. 

She shared her first experience seeing Leonardo live at the after-party met ball. 

She said she was hanging out with other celebrities with her sister Dakota when she saw Leonardo walking before her. 

She stared at him, wanting him to look at her, but sadly, she was ignored. 

Leonardo didn’t notice her, and she felt sad about it.

Is Elle Always Happy?

Elle always appears to be smiling when she is in talk shows or interviews, and she seems to be a very joyful person. 

Unlike other celebrities, she is smiling all the time anywhere she is seen, and Jimmy Kimmel also told her that she is the happiest person he has ever seen in his life. 

But Elle expressed that she also has a mad side to her, which people don’t often encounter. 

She said that she gets as mad as she gets happy. She described her madness as an overwhelming feeling. 

She also showed her mad character for a second while talking about it.

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