Who Is Heidi Wagner? Mother Of Monica Barbaro

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Heidi Wagner is the mom of American actress Monica Barbaro. She was married to her husband, Nicolas Barbaro

She is the mother of three children, two daughters, Eva Barbaro and Monica, and a son Michael Barbaro whom she shared with Nicolas.

Heidi belongs to the Italian ethnicity. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Children of Heidi Wagner.
Children of Heidi Wagner. Source: Instagram

About Heidi's Daughter Monica

Monica is an actress well known for her lead role as Emma Brunner in the series Fubar

She is also famous for her appearance as Natasha Trace in the movie Top Gun: Maverick

She was born to her parents in 1990 and has her birthday on June 18

She has a brother named Micheal Barbaro and a sister named Eva Barbaro Duchovny

Heidi Wagner's daughter Monica Barbaro.
Heidi Wagner's daughter Monica Barbaro. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Monica

Monica is not married yet, nor is she dating anyone currently. However, she was previously engaged to her long-time partner Conner Tilman

They started their relationship in 2014. However, their relationship didn't last long as they ended. 

While in a relationship, they shared many pictures of themselves. However, the images were removed after their separation. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Monica is 32 years old. She has a net worth of $4.5 Million.

Monica Got Numb Seeing Tom Cruise

Monica played in the movie Top Gun: Maverick, whose lead actor was Tom Cruise

She got a great chance to work with such a great actor. So she recalled the memory of meeting Tom for the very first time. 

She usually doesn't get star-struck by meeting celebrities, so she was very calm until she met Tom.

Monica and other people were waiting for Tom down the hallway, and when she saw Tom coming through the hallway, her legs went numb. 

Tom started shaking hands with everyone, and Monica tried her best to act cool and smile in front of Tom

She told herself to be calm and relaxed, but she couldn't. 

She was completely frozen and had no idea; she even forgot her name when she shook hands with Tom.

Monica Failed Three Times At DMV

In an interview with James, Monica talked about her failure to get a driving license. 

She opened up that she failed her first DMV trial as she got late. 

She was giving her math tests, and she ran there as soon as her ordeal was over, but they didn't allow her to give her trial exam. 

So the second time, she went to San Francisco for her second trial, but there she had to double park, and for that, she had to look through the shoulder, which she couldn't, so she failed. 

She then tried for the third time, but at that time, the tail light was out so she couldn't give the test. 

Finally, on her fourth attempt, she managed to get her driver's license which she didn't hope for. 

She drove her car in a bike lane, making the instructor shout at her. 

She thought she had failed again, so she started crying, but thankfully the instructor told her that she passed.

Monica Struggled With Water Training

Monica's role in the movie Top Gun was about being a female fighter pilot who managed to graduate Top Gun pilots. 

They were trained to be a fighter pilot for a specific mission, so she and her other cast members had to go through hardcore training. 

Monica was trained for flying, and she liked and enjoyed flying things a lot. 

The main lead Tom praised Monica for being brave and strong and said she never got sick on airplanes during the shooting. 

However, Monica felt the water training was too hard. 

She and her other co-stars had to undergo ejector training, where they drowned in water many times and survived those things. 

She felt that training was too intense and challenging.

Monica Was Shy

Monica is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. 

She started her acting career when she was young, but acting was not what she thought she would be in her past days. 

Monica was a dancer who loved dancing before she got into acting. 

She started dancing when she was tiny and showed her devotion to dance. After that, she thought of acting but didn't dare because she was shy. 

So she danced for a long time and was very serious about it. After her graduation, Monica finally decided to pursue an acting career.  

She moved to San Francisco and started going to acting classes. 

She then showed up in small movies, and now she is where she is destined to be.

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