Hellen Fo Sieeuw- Tragedy Of Virgil Van Dijk Mother

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Hellen Fo Sieeuw- Tragedy Of Virgil Van Dijk Mother

Hellen Fo Sieeuw is the mother of Dutch player Virgil van Dijk who plays for the Premier League club Liverpool and the national team of the Netherlands

She was married to Ron Van Dijk. She is a Surinamese. 

Hellen Fo Sieeuw ex-husband, Ron Van Dijk.
Hellen Fo Sieeuw ex-husband, Ron Van Dijk. Source: Pinterest

Hellen Raised Her Kids All Alone

Hellen's husband left her when Virgil was just 12 years old

The reason behind their separation was they used to quarrel and fight over a lot of things. 

Her ex-husband Ron has said that Hellen only paid her attention to Vigril's football career after he began earning a good amount of money. 

Ron left her and their children. She was left with three children to raise. 

She worked really hard to raise her kids on her own. She used to do her job and still managed time for her kids. 

She sacrificed her time and life for her children. 

Hellen Fo Sieeuw son, Virgil van Dijk.
Hellen Fo Sieeuw son, Virgil van Dijk. Source: Instagram

Is Virgil Married?

Virgil is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Rike Nooitgedagt. They tied the knot in 2017. 

They have been together ever since. The couple shares a daughter together.


Her son Virgil is 31 years old. 

Net Worth

Her son Virgil's net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

His annual salary is estimated to be 11.4 million pounds. He has extended his contract with Liverpool.

Virgil Had A Close Encounter With Death 

When young Virgil was shining in his career, he had to face a terrible event. 

He was suffering from severe stomach pain. He was playing for FC Groningen at that time. 

He went to the local hospital, but they couldn’t figure out what was going on with him. 

He was in great pain, so his mother traveled to see him. It was his mom who figured out that something bad had happened to him. 

So she took him to another hospital where the doctor knew what actually happened to him. 

He had a burst appendix. Not only that, but he also had peritonitis and a kidney infection, which made his situation even worse. 

His health issues had a great impact on his psychological health. 

He was in the hospital for thirteen nights, and he was not able to do anything. He was not even able to walk. 

He later revealed that when he got out of his bed for the first time, he couldn't walk up to 10 meters. 

When he tried to walk for a long time, he was out of his breath like an older man. 

But it didn’t stop him from living his dream of playing professionally. 

A month after his surgery, he returned to training and built himself again, and shocked everyone.

Why Did Virgil Doesn't Take His Father's Surname?

His father abandoned him and his mother when he was just 12 years old. That incident really hit him hard. 

His father's betrayal left him with wounds and scars for the rest of his life. 

In his jersey, he uses his name only. He never uses his surname on his jersey. 

It was a tough choice for him, and the circumstances he had been through without the support of his father were unimaginable. 

In his defense, his maternal uncle said that his father was not around him during the most important phase of his life and that his mother was the hero for him. 

Though his childhood was tough, he never gave up and worked hard to be the man he is today. 

His mother's sacrifice and struggle motivated him to stand up and fight for his dreams. 

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