Who Is Hendrix Wilburn? Son Of Future

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Who Is Hendrix Wilburn? Son Of Future

Hendrix Wilburn is the son of American rapper Future. His mother's name is Joie Chavis. He has six siblings. He is an American citizen

About Hendrix's Dad 

His dad, Future, is an American rapper. He is well known for his mumble-styled vocals and prolific output. 

His full name is Nayvadius DeMun Cash. He was born in the year 1983 in the year Georgia, US

Hendrix Wilburn with his parents.
Hendrix Wilburn with his parents. Source: Instagram

Father Married Life 

Future has never been married, but he has been in many relationships. 

As of now the rapper is currently in a relationship with Dess Dior, who is also a rapper. 

They have been dating for a while now, and in 2021 there was news of the couple getting engaged. The truth is they are not engaged yet. 

He gifted a ring to his girlfriend on her birthday, which created false rumors of them getting engaged. 

His Past Relationship 

Future had previously dated many women in his life, and he has children with eight women. 

He is the father of a total of eight children. His very first child Jakobi was born when he was dating Jessica Smith.

In 2007 he was dating India J, and they have a daughter. Their relationship lasted till 2012

His third child was born when he was dating Brittni Mealy. In 2013, he dated Ciara

They have a son together, and he adopted Ciara's daughter from her past relationship. 

After that, he dated Joie Chavis, and they dated for a year and shared a son. 

He also has a daughter with Eliza Seraphin. His two children's mother's names are unknown.

Parents of Hendrix Wilburn.
Parents of Hendrix Wilburn. Source: Pinterest

Future Wants To Make More Music

Future is one of the dope rappers in the world, and his rap music has reached around the world. His success is all because of his music and his hard work. 

He hence values his success very much as he knows the roots of his life. 

He even said during one of his interviews that he really is fortunate about his achievements and success, and he has been living the dream of his life from his music. 

He then opened up that music was something that he had always been passionate about, and he wanted to make music until the end of his life. 

He never wants to stop making music. He doesn’t even know what is actually happening to him without the existence of music in his life.

With so much success, he is really happy in his life. He expressed that everyone is always learning in every phase of life. He believes that the more people learn, the better they get in their life. 

He is in that phase of life that whenever he wakes up, he feels great about the life he is livings.  

He wants to continue to stay like this in this life, and he doesn’t want to ask for anything more than what he has got now. 

He just wants to build his career more and more and stay focused on what he has been doing. 

Even his manager thinks that he is one of the most genuine individual rappers in the industry who makes trendy songs every time. 

His talent is really indescribable, according to most of his fans and followers. His manager also said that his raps are always forward and are straight ahead, which is one of his greatest abilities.

Age And Net Worth 

Hendrix was born in the year 2018 and is currently three years old. His father has a net worth of $50 Million. 

Has A Good Relationship With His Children 

Future is the father of eight children and deeply connects with all his children. He is fortunate to have all his children with him as a father. 

He also loves his children equally; his children are the only thing that matters to him. 

He claimed that his children are the reason behind his not being too active on social media. 

He would rather spend his day with his children than on social media. 

He loves changing his babies’ diapers and listening to his little daughters reading books or playing piano. 

As a father, he wants to be available for his children anytime and share a moment with them. He is a good father and feels blessed with every child.

Hendrix Wilburn with his mom, Joie Chavis, and sister.
Hendrix Wilburn with his mom, Joie Chavis, and sister. Source: Instagram

Banned Fat Women 

Back in 2019, there was an allegation made against the famous rapper. 

The allegation was made by a woman named Naomie Chaput, a model. 

She claimed she was stopped from entering a nightclub in Miami because she was plus-size. 

According to her, she was stopped because Future has banned fat people from entry into that club. 

She was pissed off because of the incident that happened to her, which made her feel humiliated for being fat. 

After the model tweeted about her incident, many fans slammed him for being humiliating to fat people. In contrast, some supported him, saying that there is no hand of Future making such rules and that the club is responsible for making such stupid rules. 

After many people started dragging Future on this matter, he tweeted asking fans to stop doing that and wrote he respects and loves all women. 

Was Racially Abused

He was going to his destination as he was tired and wanted rest. But in the airport, some people asked him for photos and tried to stop him. 

As he was tired, he said no to the photos. This made those people angry, and they tried to verbally and racially attack Future

His bodyguard then showed up to defend him. 

His bodyguard beat several people, but another man attacked him from behind with a rock that knocked the bodyguard down. 

Future revealed that he didn't see the incident as he had already left the scene.

An Accident Occurred Due To Him

Future revealed in an interview that he witnessseriousgreat accident just after returning home from an event. 

He was returning to his home from a show in the neighborhood when some girls recognized him and tried to get his attention. 

He was driving, and the girls were in the back seat of another car. Future didn't want to talk while driving, so he sped up his car. 

When he looked behind, he saw that the car was following him at an incredible speed. 

The driver of that car was not looking at the road but was looking at him. 

There was a turning curve on the highway, which the driver didn't see, and the car got into an accident. 

He revealed that the car bounced so much and was smashed. 

He then expressed that he felt sad for them and hoped that nothing would happen to them.

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