Henry Sedgwick V – Late Father Of Kyra Sedgwick

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Henry Sedgwick V – Late Father Of Kyra Sedgwick

Henry Sedgwick V was the father of American actress Kyra Sedgwick. He was a venture capitalist. 

He was born in 1926 to his parents, Robert Mintum and Helen Sedgwick. He was born in Boston but was brought up in Dedham and Gorton, MA

He attended Harvard and graduated with the class of 1951. He then attended the Centre d'Etudes Industriel in Geneva, Switzerland

He worked for an Aluminum Company in Canada for a decade. He then became the New York City democratic district leader. 

He then got into venture management and started his own company named Sedgwick Associates

He died at the age of 90 in 2018. He was an American citizen by nationality. 

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He was married thrice 

He was married to Robin Sedgwick for 32 years. Before Robin, he was married to Helen Stern and Patricia Rosenwald

He is the father of Henry Dwight Stern, Michael Stern, Holly Sedgwick, Robert Sedgwick, Nicholas Sedgwick, and Kyra

He is also the stepfather of Conrad Auchincloss and Hilary Wittmann. He has sixteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Age and Net Worth

Henry Sedgwick V died at the age of 90. His daughter, Kyra, is 58 years old. She has a net worth of $45 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

About Henry’s daughter, Kyra 

Kyra is a professional film and TV actress. She is well known for her role in The Closer as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson

She was born in the year 1965 to her parents Patricia and Henry Dwight Sedgwick V. She celebrated her birthday on August 19

She is an American citizen by nationality. 

Henry Sedgwick V daughter Kyra Sedgwick with her mother Patricia
Henry Sedgwick V daughter Kyra Sedgwick with her mother Patricia. Source: Instagram 
Henry Sedgwick V with his wife and children
Henry Sedgwick V with his wife and children. Source: Instagram

Married life of Kyra

Kyra is married to her husband, Kevin Bacon. They tied the knot in 1988, just a year after they started dating. 

The couple shares two children, a son named Travis and a daughter named Susie Ruth. They have been happily married for more than three decades.

Henry Sedgwick V daughter Kyra Sedgwick with her husband Kevin Bacon
Henry Sedgwick V daughter Kyra Sedgwick with her husband Kevin Bacon. Source: Instagram

Kyra’s first date with Kevin 

Kyra met Kevin on the set of the movie Lemon Sky. Kevin was interested in Kyra, so he tried asking her to dinner indirectly, but it didn’t work on her. 

A few weeks into their shooting, Kyra did a scene where Kevin was massaging oil on her back, and at that time, Kevin suggested a massage therapist at his apartment. 

He told her that he would go to the gym next to the therapy center, and they could meet after they were done with their work. 

Kyra didn’t want Kevin to know about her whereabouts, so one day, she went to a therapist without telling him, but when she came out, Kevin was there. 

She thought it was a coincidence; however, it wasn’t, as Kevin had told her to call him if Kyra showed up for massage therapy, and that’s how Kevin arranged their first date.

Kyra has cibo-lastophobia? 

Kyra gave an interview on James Cordon’s talk show, where she talked about her phobia. She was talking about having thoughts about her husband’s work. 

Kyra and her husband are both in Hollywood, so they usually have opinions about each other's works. 

One time, when her husband was offered to play the role of singing and dancing M&M candy, she suggested he not do it. 

Kyra personally hates walking and talking food. 

When she sees hot dogs talking and moving in any advertisement, she really gets disgusted by it and feels like throwing up. 

She has a big phobia but was unclear about what it’s called, but one of the crew members addressed that her phobia is called cibo-lastophobia. 

Kyra was in a bad mood at her anniversary. 

Six years ago, Kyra celebrated her 29th Anniversary with her husband, Kevin. 

Kyra talked about her anniversary on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and revealed that she was in her worst mood that day. 

She didn’t know why she was in that bad mood, but as it was a special day, she tried hard not to be mad at her husband. 

Her husband had well planned their special day, and they went to Brooklyn to have a nice dinner, but as her mood was bad, she didn’t like the idea of going so far for dinner. 

She was trying to control her mood, and her husband was so nice, tweeting her sweet messages all day, which made her day. 

In the same interview, she also revealed that she hates having s*x after eating dinner, so she and her husband always have s*x before dinner.

Kyra is nosy? 

Kyra shared an incident of her nosy habit, which got her into problems. She was at Tom Cruise's house and there were many other celebrity guests invited by him. 

It was her first time working and being with Tom at his party. People were at the library, men were smoking, and others were drinking and having fun. 

Kyra was pregnant at that time, and because of that, she couldn’t drink, so she wandered around and looked at the pictures. 

While she was looking, she saw a button on a mantle and wanted to see what that button could do. 

She pressed it, but nothing happened so she told Tom that she pressed the button. 

Tom told her that it was a panic button, and after a while, many cops showed up at his house, and the police didn’t leave until they checked on Tom

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