Who Is Hilary Pitt Frances? Mother Of Maisie Williams

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Who Is Hilary Pitt Frances? Mother Of Maisie Williams

Hilary Pitt Frances is the mother of English actress Maisie Williams. She was married to Gary Williams

She shared four children, two sons and two daughters, with her ex-husband. She is an English citizen of her nationality. 

About Hilary's Daughter Maisie 

Maisie is a professional actress well known for her appearance in the HBO TV series Games of Thrones. 

She played the main role of Arya Stark. She was born to her parents in 1997 and has her birthday on April 15

She grew up with her three siblings. Her full name is Margaret Constance Maisie Williams.

Hilary Pitt Frances's daughter, Maisie Williams.
Hilary Pitt Frances's daughter, Maisie Williams. Source: Instagram

Is Maisie Married? 

Maisie is not married yet, nor does she have a boyfriend.

Although she did have an ex-boyfriend, Maisie was in a relationship with Reuben Selby

The couple started dating back in 2019, and they have been very open about their relationship since then. 

They were first seen together in February 2019, and after that, they frequently showed up together at events. 

They even shared many photos of them on social media and dyed their hair red when they were a couple. 

Sadly, their relationship lasted only for five years, and they broke up.

Age And Net Worth 

Maisie is 26 years old. She has a net worth of $6 Million. Her source of income is acting

Maisie Has A Bad Term With Her Dad

Maisie is the daughter of her mom, Hilary, and dad, Gary. Her parents shared four children, including her. 

In a podcast, she revealed that her relationship with her own father was really harsh and traumatizing. 

Her mom and dad got divorced when she was only four months old, and after that, she was forced to live with each parent for time and again. 

She was tiny and always felt she was different from others because her dad treated her incorrectly. 

She didn't explain what exactly her father did because of her sister and brother but claimed that her childhood was a nightmare. 

She lived in fear and pain, and when she looked at other children, she never found those things with them. 

She used to look at other kids and see them happy, which made her wonder why her life wasn't the same.

Maisie Hates Marriage

Maisie is currently living and enjoying a single life. She has her viewpoint on marriage and thinks that marriage is entirely unnecessary. 

According to her, marriage only brings complications and makes life full of darkness and struggle. 

She has no desire to get married; for her, getting married means imprisonment. 

She utterly feels that she will never get married in her life. 

However, she does have hope that someday, her perspective of marriage might change if she finds someone suitable and falls in love.  

But for now, her way of looking at marriage is just a way of making life hard. 

She has seen her parents’ marriage fail, and it might be because Maisie feels marriage is complicated and unnecessary.

Maisie Broke The Rules

Maisie gave an interview on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show where She talked about the final season of Games of Thrones

She had played the role of Arya for a long time in the show and as the show was in the final season people were excited to know what was about to happen. 

Maisie didn't reveal anything about the show but said that she knew the ending and dropped the hint that it was exciting. 

She was on her bed when she received the script and had to lie down after she finished the reason. 

She was told not to spoil anything and not share the script, but didn't obey. 

She texted her mom saying that she got the script and when her mom asked for the script she sent to her mom.

Maisie Was A Drug Abuser

Maisie talked about her substance abuse on a talk show. She revealed that she used to party a lot in her teenage years. 

She partied and took drugs. She had the money to buy the drugs, but she was not so much of a person with an addiction. 

Despite having money, she had control over her. She didn't take her substance abuse to the extreme level. 

But then there came a time when she realized that whatever she was doing would destroy her life if she didn't keep the brakes on it. 

She knew that her path wouldn't lead her to a good and joyful life, so she stopped. 

As of now, she is wholly distanced from drugs; however, she does drink alcohol while having dinner, enjoying with friends, and attending parties.

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