Who Is Hillary Meyers? Mother Of Seth Meyers

by Manisha Sat Sep 02 2023 Updated On Sun Sep 03 2023
Who Is Hillary Meyers? Mother Of Seth Meyers

Hillary Meyers is the mother of comedian, television host, producer, writer, and podcaster Seth Meyers

She is married to Lawrence Meyers, who worked in Finance. They have been married for more than 52 years

She was a French teacher. They share two kids, Josh and Seth

Hillary Meyers with her husband.
Hillary Meyers with her husband. Source: Pinterest

Married Life

Seth is happily married to Alexi Ashe. His wife is a human rights attorney. They tied the knot in 2013

They met each other back in 2008 at Chris Kattan's wedding. They are parents to their three children. 

Seth Meyers with his wife.
Seth Meyers with his wife. Source: People


Her son Seth is 49 years old

Net worth

Her son Seth's net worth is estimated to be $26 million

Family of Hillary Meyers.
Family of Hillary Meyers. Source: YouTube

Hilary's Husband Loves His Dog More Than He Loves Her

Hillary's husband owns a dog, and the dog's name is Albert. She was concerned about how much he talked and spent time with Albert

She said her husband says sweet things to Albert

She would be right next to him on the bed, and once she thought he was telling her all those sweet things, she reached for his hands to hold him but found his dog's head. 

Seth, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, and Stephen Colbert Reunite For Podcast

Late-night Show hosts Jimmy Fallon, Seth, John, Stephen, and Jimmy Kimmel are coming together for a limited series podcast called Stroke Forces Five

The podcast aired on August 30. The five comedians announced it through the Zoom call. 

After the writers had gone on a strike against the production house, they had been off the air for four months. 

In the podcast, they will have some casual conversation and some laugh to relieve their staff financially. 

The host will meet weekly in that podcast and discuss the strike. 

Seth Talked About Working After The Pandemic

The world was shut down because of the pandemic, and Seth returned to the studio after several months. 

He hosted the show, but there was no live band and audience. He shared he felt empty working like that, but he was grateful. 

During the lockdown, Seth was hosting the show from his vacation house. He revealed he adjusted all the lighting sounds and did his makeup alone. 

Seth Shared a Drink With Rihanna

Seth has a segment in his show called Day Drinking, where he drinks with the guests on the show. 

Seth loves Rihanna and is obsessed with her. He always wanted her to be on his show. 

Once, he had Rihanna on show and did that segment with her. He said he was surprised that she agreed to do that segment. 

He shared he had a great time with her. She was hilarious. He shared that when they were drinking, Rihanna took his phone and clicked some photos of them. 

Later, when he saw those photos, he realized she was not good at taking pictures. 

After he was done with the day's drinking, he went to his home and passed out in the hallway. His mother-in-law took a picture of him. 

Seth's Mom Revealed That Seth Was Not Loving Brother

Seth has a younger brother named Josh. In his show, his mom revealed that he was not a loving brother even though he was sweet. 

She recalled when Seth told her to keep his brother Josh in the crib as he would be all good there when he was two. 

His father also revealed that he would step over his brother as if he was not there. 

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