Who Is Holden Fletcher Fraser? Son Of Brendan Fraser

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Who Is Holden Fletcher Fraser? Son Of Brendan Fraser

Holden Fletcher Fraser is the son of Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser. He is a model.

He was born in 2004. His birthday falls on August 16. His mother is Afton Smith, who is a talented actress

He has two siblings. His parents got separated in 2008

Parents of Holden Fletcher Fraser.
Parents of Holden Fletcher Fraser. Source: Pinterest

Brendan Was Accused Of Fraud

Brendan was married to Afton Smith from 1998 to 2008. They had three kids together. 

He had legal trouble with his ex-wife as he could not pay $75000 a month in child support. 

His ex-wife accused him of hiding his net worth and income, but he denied that allegation. 


Holden is 19 years old.

Net worth

His father, Brendan's net worth is estimated at $20 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor

Holden Fletcher Fraser with his father, Brendan Fraser.
Holden Fletcher Fraser with his father, Brendan Fraser. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Brendan's Girlfriend?

Brendan is dating Jeanne Moore. His girlfriend is a makeup artist

They made their public appearance for the first time as a couple at the 79th Venice Film Festival in 2022

His partner has been by his side from the beginning. She also spent time with Brendan's kids.

Brendan, on Working With Darren Aronofsky

Brendan worked with filmmaker Darren on the movie The Whale

Brendan was the main protagonist in the movie, and Darren directed it. 

In an interview, he shared that he didn’t know that he got part in that movie, but he met with him, and he was intimidated by him as he admired his works and films. 

He said his character was a particular role to cast. 

He said Darren explained to him about prosthetic makeup to create his character. 

He shared he used to fall asleep while doing his makeup. 

Brendan Talked About Transforming Into Charlie In The Movie The Whale

Brendan portrayed the role of Charlie, who was living with morbid obesity and tried to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter. 

Brendan won his first Academy Award for Best Actor. He said his makeup took four hours to complete. 

He wore extensive prosthetics for his role. 

He revealed they rehearsed for three weeks before they started shooting. 

He said he did a lot of preparation and did a lot of homework to nail that role. 

He spoke with an online advocacy group called the obesity action coalition, and they gave him context for the lives of those affected by obesity. 

He said he felt like he knew Charlie while he read about him. 

Brendan Talked About Life Away From Spotlight

Brendan shared how he spent his time outside of the limelight. 

Brendan shared he spent his time at his upstate New York home when he was not working. 

He lived quietly for several years despite being one of the hottest names in Hollywood, but he got into the limelight once again after he did a movie called The Whale in 2022.

He said the time was humbling back then in many ways, but he was grateful for that time, too. 

He said he took some years off from the spotlight to identify who he was, where he was going, and his aspirations. 

He said he was maintaining the yard of his house. He said he knows how to operate all the instruments. 

He also backed out from work because of his injuries while shooting for movies, as he used to do all his stunts. 

He said he wanted to escape the pedestal as he tried to be himself. 

He was not satisfied as he was not feeling enough in his mind. 

So, he decided to back off and re-evaluate himself. He picked archery as his hobby to calm himself.

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