HoYeon Jung

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HoYeon Jung

HoYeon Jung is a South Korean fashion model and actress. She is well known for her role play in the Netflix series Squid Game

She has two siblings and was born in Seoul, South Korea. She belongs to the Korean ethnicity. She is a South Korean citizen by her nationality. 

Boyfriend And Dating

HoYeon is dating Lee Dong Hwi, who is a famous Korean actor. They both met each other through their passion for fashion. 

Both of them were too much into a fashion which made them get close to each other.

They both started dating back in 2015. They kept their dating life private for a year. 

A year later, they opened up their relationship in public. They have a huge age gap as Dong is 9 years senior to Jung

But their age difference didn’t make any difference to them. As of now, they are still together. 

They have been together for 6 years and are very happy with each other. 

They are not married, and for now, they don’t have any plans about marriage as they are busy making their career.

HoYeon’s boyfriend, Lee Dong
HoYeon’s boyfriend, Lee Dong  Source: Instagram

About HoYeon Jung 

HoYeon was born on June 23, 1994. Her parents raised her in Seoul, South Korea, with her two siblings.  

As a model, she started modeling at the age of 16.  She showed her presence in a modeling show of Korea.  

She was the face of different magazines like Girl Korea, Nylon Korea. She is one of the Top 50 fashion models, which is a great achievement for her. 

She started her acting career in 2020 after she signed a contract with Saram Entertainment.

She got popular after her appearance in the Netflix series Squid Game

Her role-play in that series made her well known everywhere in the world.

HoYeon posing in her photo
HoYeon posing in her photo  Source: Instagram

Age, Height, and Weight 

Her current age is 27 years old. She has a height of five feet and nine inches

Her weight is 59 kilograms.

Net Worth 

The net worth of HoYeon is estimated to be $1 Million. Her source of income is modeling and acting. 

The average salary of a Korean actress is estimated to be $27,300 per episode.

HoYeon Is A Bad Actress

HoYeon is one of the known faces of a fashion model. She has a great personality which makes her look even more attractive. 

As a model, she did many fashion shows, and she has become the face of many brands. 

She is now working on a series called “Squid Game” which has gained lots of attention from people. 

But talking about his career starting in acting, it was not very well. She was a bad actor. 

She opened up about her giving an audition for a drama which left her heartbroken. She was bad at acting, and she didn’t even know how to read the script. 

At that audition, she was humiliated by the people who were taking her auditions. 

They badmouth her, which made her feel so bad, and it was the most embarrassing moment that she had ever faced.

HoYeon Changed Herself For Series

HoYeon is getting fame day by day due to her performance in the new series Squid Game

As a model, she has already earned much success in her life. She is a great model. 

She is well known for her hair color, which seems like a red flame. She is called red-haired Asian by the brand executives as they find it hard to say her name. 

Her name is difficult to pronounce, and because of that, she is called by her hair color name, which became a part of her identity. 

But she had to cut her hair for role play in Squid Game. As she has to fit in the character of Seo-Byeok, she cut her hair and changes its color into black.

HoYeon Got Admired By Late Karl Lagerfeld  

Karl Lagerfeld was a well-known fashion designer. He was a great mentor for fashion model. 

When HoYeon showed her presence on the runway of Chanel the famous brand, she did that so well that the famous personality Karl Lagerfeld couldn’t keep his eyes off her. 

She opened up that she heard Karl admiring her. As Karl didn’t know her name, he spotted her with her red hair, admired her performance. 

It was a very proud moment for HoYeon as she got noticed by such a great fashion designer.

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