Who Is Hudson James Sebastian? Son Of Guy Sebastian

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Who Is Hudson James Sebastian? Son Of Guy Sebastian

Hudson James Sebastian is the son of Australian singer and songwriter Guy Sebastian

His mother’s name is Jules Egan. He has a younger brother Archer Jones.

He was born in 2012 and has his birthday on March 3. He is an Australian.

Family of Hudson James Sebastian.
Family of Hudson James Sebastian. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Guy 

Guy is currently married to Jules Egan

They started dating each other back in the 2000s, and Guy got engaged to her after eight years of dating. 

A year after getting engaged, they finally decided to tie the knot and married in Sydney in 2008

As of now, they are parents to two children. And both of them are sons. 

Parents of Hudson James Sebastian.
Parents of Hudson James Sebastian. Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Guy 

Before getting married to his long-time girlfriend, Jules, Guy was in a relationship with Delta Goodrem

They dated in 2003.

At that time, he broke up with Jules, so after winning Australian Idol, he dated Delta for four months and then broke up with her and again returned with Jules.


Hudson is ten years old.

Net Worth 

His father, Guy, has a net worth of $11 Million. His source of income is a singer and songwriter.

Guy Was Not Interested In His Wife

Guy is currently married to his wife, Jules, and they have two children.

In one of the talk shows, Guy’s wife opened up that they started their relationship just as friends.

They have been friends since their teens and used to sing together in church

Guy and Jules both were not romantically interested in each other at first. 

Then they went to their friends' function, and they decided to sing together, and at that time, they became best friends. 

They didn’t know how everything started between them. 

Jules said that back in time, when Guy and Jules went to ATM together, they had talks between then, and at the time, she told Guy that he was now her boyfriend. 

Now they are very happy in their relationship.

Guy Is A Family Man

Guy is a very well-known person in the music industry. He struggled a lot and has come long across his career.

He married his long-time girlfriend and is now the father of two. 

Guy opened up that his children mean everything to him, and their children are happy for him and his wife. 

His children are also very passionate about music, just like Guy

He opened up that he wanted to broaden his children's musical influences. 

He sees another level of passion for music in his children, and seeing his children in such a place makes him feel amazing. 

He plays instruments with his son and sings a song with them.

Sydney Handled COVID Well

In the interview, Joe talked about COVID and the lockdown. 

As everyone knew about COVID and the lockdown in 2020, it was frustrating.

He opened up that he felt lucky they didn’t have to face the lockdown situation when they were in their teenage years, as it would be tough for them to stay in the house for so many days without seeing a friend. 

He said that, among other countries, the Australian government handled the COVID situation quite properly as there were no cases at one time.

While other countries were dealing with death and shutdown, things were quite an at ease in Sydney

People started going to offices and bars; restaurants were also opened. 

He said that the way Australia handled the situation during COVID was very effective.

Guy Had The Best Year Of His Life

Guy has achieved so much from the day he won Australian Idol. But he considers 2019 the best year of his life. 

He expressed his feelings about that year in the interview for A current affair. 

He won many awards, and one of the biggest albums was released that year. 

He then revealed that the Arya award made his year the best because the album he won that award for was special in itself. 

He wrote the songs in the album for his late friend Luke. He really missed him. 

He said that if Luke were alive, he would probably have made fun of his songs.

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