Hudson London Anstead

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Hudson London Anstead

Hudson London Anstead is the one and only son of Christina Anstead and Ant Anstead. His nickname is Hudzo.

Birthday and Siblings

Hudson London Anstead siblings and mother Christina Anstead
Hudson London Anstead siblings and mother Christina Anstead   Source: Instagram

On September 6, 2020, Hudson and his entire family celebrated his first birthday.  

His mom and dad have also posted a heart-touching birthday wish on Instagram with his 41 slide show footage.

He has four siblings altogether. Two are from his mom's side, and two from his dad's side. 

Taylor EI Moussa, who is nine years old, is the sister of Hudzo and Brayden EI Moussa, five years old, a brother from mom's ex-husband Tarek EI Moussa.

Amelie Anstead, seventeen years old, is his sister, and Archie Anstead, thirteen years old, is his brother from his father's ex-wife, Louise Anstead.

About his father 

Hudson London Anstead with his father, Ant Anstead 
Hudson London Anstead with his father, Ant Anstead   Source: Instagram

Ant Anstead is the father of Hudson. His full name is Anthony Richard Anstead. He was born on March 28, 1972, in Plymouth, United Kingdom. He is 42 years old now. 

He is a British television presenter, motor specialist, car builder designer, and artist. He went to Richard Hale School for school level and Hailey Bury School for A-levels.

In 1991, he began his career as a Police Constable at Hert Ford Shire Constabulary. He was a very hard-working constable. For that, he receives two commendations for an act of bravery

In 2005 he left the job of constable and started his career as a car builder. Besides car building, he also has an interest in TV shows

He started his new TV production named The World's most expensive Cars in 2014.

He works for different TV shows as a presenter. He did "The love of cars" in 2014, Building Carline in 2015, World's most expensive car in 2016.

In 2017 he worked for four different TV shows, and The Wheeler dealers were the best ones. Similarly, in The Coast, Cristina was the best one, and in 2020 World's Greatest Cars get huge popularity. 

Marriage and Divorce of Parents

Marriage, wife, wedding, and divorce are very complex in this family. Both mother and father of Hudson has married twice. They both have ex-partners.

Christina Anstead, the mother of Hudson, got married for the first time to Tarek EI Moussa in 2009. He is an American TV personality.

He was seen in HGTV hit series Flip or Flop as a star. The marriage life did not go well, so they ended up their relationship in 2018. Christina has two children from her first husband.

In 2018, for the second time, she got married to his father who is an English Television presenter and car builder in Newport Beach home in December 2018.

Ant's first wife's name is Louise Anstead, and the couple has two children, a daughter Amelie and a son named Archie. The couple got divorced in 2017.


Hudson London Anstead Parents Christina Anstead and Ant Anstead and Siblings
Hudson London Anstead Parents Christina Anstead and Ant Anstead and Siblings  Source: Pinterest

Ant and Christina had a son Hudson in 2019. After years of having a son, this couple celebrated their son's birthday with so much love, but a piece of news came out regarding their relationship that they are no more together. 

The couple announced their separation in September 2020, and they filed for divorce in November 2020

Net worth 

Hudson is just one year child, so there is no question of his net worth

But his parents have a good net worth. It is structured below:

Christina Anstead $4 million
Ant Anstead$ 5 million

Source of earning to earn net worth is:

Christina AnsteadAn American Real Estate Investor and TV personality
Ant AnsteadAn English TV presenter, motor specialist, car building, designing, and artist.

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He was born on September 6, 2019. His current age is one year old.
  2. He is a growing kid, so his exact height and weight are hard to track.

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