Hwang Chan-sung

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Hwang Chan-sung

Hwang Chan-sung is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. 

He is well known for his Netflix Japanese drama Kaito Royale.

He was born in Seoul and has been living there till now. His horoscope is Aquarius

He is a South Korean citizen by his nationality. 

Hwang Chang-sung mother
Hwang Chang-sung mother  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Hwang Chang-sung 

Hwang keeps his love life private. However, it is rumored that Hwang is currently in a relationship with someone. 

He hasn't revealed his partner's name, but he has opened up that they are engaged and his fiancé is pregnant with his first child. 

He is soon going to be a dad. He has also revealed that he will marry his partner in early 2022. 

He also hasn't opened up about when he started dating her and how they met, but he has been dating that unknown person for a long time. 

He may have some reasons for not revealing his partner's name, but he happily lives a blissful life with his partner.

Hwang Chang-sung posing in his photo
Hwang Chang-sung posing in his photo  Source: Instagram

About Hwang Chang-sung 

Hwang was born on February 11, 1990. He was born and raised by his parents in Seoul

He is well known as an actor and singer in the entertainment industry. 

As an actor, he started his acting career by playing small roles on TV. 

In 2008 he started his music career and became part of One Day's boy band.

Along with his other band, he has released six studio albums in Korea and four in Japan

He made his first-ever appearance in 2006 as an actor by playing in comedy series. 

He also has appeared in the 2020 Netflix series My Holo Love.He has revealed that he will end his contract with JYP in Jan 2022.


Hwang is 31 years old. His height is 1.84m.

Net Worth

The net worth of Hwang is $1.5 Million. He earns as being a singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. 

The average income of South Korean actor is 51,612,334 Won per year.

Hwang Chan Sung Was An Actor First.

Hwang is a popular singer and band member of the famous band 2 PM. 

He is also into acting and has played in many movies, series and dramas. 

People think that he is popular due to his singing, good dancing skills and pretty face he got chance into acting.  

Before he was professionally a singer and became a band member of 2 PM, he was an actor. 

He acted in many movies like Unstoppable High Kick and Jungle fish. He is indeed a multi-talented person who is good at many things.

Chan Sung Worked Hard For His Body

Hwang is known for his singing and acting. People think that he got his dashing personality and body after gaining fame and name. 

But it is not the case. He likes to work out every day. He trains himself hard every single day.

He is a well-trained Taekwondo player with a high rank and a Kumdo trained person. 

He has been working out from his early days till the present, and he enjoys it.

Hwang Was Not Confident In His Initial Days

Hwang is undoubtedly one of the talented singers and rappers. He performs brilliantly with his band. 

But it was not the same when he joined the band. In his initial days at the band, he was quite nervous.

It was because everyone in the band was perfect at what they did. They worked hard, and he thought he would lack behind. 

He even fell in stage as he couldn't catch up with the dance steps and rhythm. 

But he was inspired by Rain, who was a singer like him. Rain used to work super hard and seeing that, he also worked at his best. 

He caught up with his band members, and here he is now, shocking the world with his performances.

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