Ian Meadows

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Ian Meadows

Ian Meadows, an Australian actor and writer, came to prominence after appearing as Rocco Cooper in Home and Away

He has an older brother and a younger sister. Ian is an Australian citizen by his nationality. 

Relationship Status Of Ian Meadows 

Ian is an actor who likes to keep his life private. 

As an actor, everyone is interested in his private life and wants to know about his love life. 

He has never opened about dating anyone. His past life is still unknown. 

However, he has been spotted with his co-star Jessica Marais.

Jessica Marais, dealing with a messy relationship with her husband, has been seen with Ian chilling. 

They were caught happily enjoying the moments together. They were also hanging together when they had free time on set. 

As they were caught together spending time with each other, they were gossiped about having an affair. 

As none of them opened about it, it isn't confirmed whether they are dating or not.   

Ian with Jessica
Ian with Jessica  Source: Instagram

More About Ian Meadows 

Ian was born on 4 February 1983. His parents raised him with his siblings. He has started his acting career at a young age. 

He had shown his appearance in many movies and TV shows. 

His best movies are Killing Ground, Parer's War, Rocco Cooper and The Moodys.

As of 2021, he is playing the role of Matt Aldin in the Netflix series Clickbait. 

Besides acting, he has also written some episodes of Spirited, SLiDE and Offsprings

His acting made him nominated for the Best Newcomer award.

Age, Height, and Weight

His current age is 38 years old. He has a height of five feet and ten inches tall. His weight is missing.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ian is $1-5 Million. His source of income is acting and writing. 

The yearly income of an Australian actor is $52,650 per year. 

Why The Name Lan?

Ian may be a brilliant actor but what is amazing is the meaning of his name, "Ian."

Ian is originated from Scottish and Hebrew ancestors. It refers to be someone with a kind heart and someone good. 

Ian also means the god of kindness and courtesy. 

It was influenced by the name Yohanan which came from Hebrew, and in the case of Scottish influence, it came from the name John.

Ian Thanked Health Workers

In 2021, Ian sent a message to all the health workers working, risking their lives and their family lives to save as many people as possible with their effort. 

He wrote a thank you message to every frontline health worker through his tweet. 

He addressed those brave people who are working their best as amazing people. 

He appreciated all of them and sent his respect towards them since he values why they are doing and what they are fighting for. 

Like many other people, Ian is also really proud and honored of the frontline health workers who risk their lives to save others.

Ian Meadows Against Women Violence

Ian posts many tweets on his twitter account related to many matters. 

He uses his tweeter to promote his movies and series. Not only that, but he also speaks about many important things. 

In similar ways, he, on 26 April 2021, shared a post against women's violence in his country. 

Many women from many years had been suffering from violence from their partners and other people. 

Not only this but they were also killed and murdered. 

Women and men from his country who were against it created a movement to raise their voice and make it reach to government's ear's so that they could do something about it. 

Ian also shared the tweet against women violence and showed his support. He also asked his follower to show support.

Ian, in his candid photo
Ian, in his candid photo  Source: Twitter

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