Who Is Ibnou Sidibe? Father Of Gabourey Sidibe

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Ibnou Sidibe is the father of American actress Gabourey Sidibe. He's a cab driver professionally. 

He is a Senegalese citizen by his nationality. He's a cab driver professionally.

Married Life Of Ibnou

Ibnou was married to Alice Tan Ridley, an American R&B and gospel singer. They shared two children, a son, and a daughter, together. 

Their son's name is Ahmed, and their daughter is Gabourey. Ibnou and his wife have already divorced. 

Is Ibnou A Bad Father?

Ibnou’s daughter Gabourey revealed that she was abused by her father, Ibnou, in her childhood. 

She was an over-healthy girl from her childhood. Instead of motivating her, Ibnou used to abuse her verbally, calling her a fatso. 

She revealed that she used to act like everything was all fine and pretend to be happy in the family. 

But deep inside, she already admitted that her father was dead. 

She was also verbally abused by her brother, who used to bully her every time. 

But with her brother, she used to fight back by replying with bad things. 

Pretending all her childhood, she became good at it, and it became her passion for acting.

About Ibnou's Daughter Gabourey

Gabourey is an actress well known for her lead role play in the movie Precious as Claireece "Precious" Jones

She was born to her mom and dad in New York in 1983. She has an older brother named Ahmed.

Making her first in 2009, playing in many movies, and winning many awards, Gabourey has created her name in the acting industry. 

Married Life of Gabourey 

Gabourey has been happily married to her love of life Brandon Frankel since 2021. They are incredibly enjoying their married life. 

She kept her marriage private till Dec 2022 but later opened up in a live show and shared her happy news with everyone.

Gabourey Sidibe with her husband.
Gabourey Sidibe with her husband. Source: Instagram

How Did She Meet Her Partner?

Gabourey met Brandon through a dating app called Raya, where they started talking, and shortly after knowing each other, they started dating. 

In 2020, she was proposed by Brendon, and she immediately said yes to him. 

She never thought of dating someone she liked, but Brandon made it come true, and she is happy with him. 

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Gabourey is 39 years old. She has a net worth of $6 Million

Surgery For Losing Weight

Gabourey is very popular for her appearance in Precious and has been a fantastic actress. 

But back in 2016, she became a hot, controversial topic after posting some pictures of her on social media.

Gabourey was overweighed, but in 2016 photos, she flaunted her slim body, which surprised everyone. 

She was 300 pounds and lost 150 pounds, which was not easy. 

Gabourey opened up that she went through laparoscopic bariatric surgery to lose weight after she was diagnosed with Type B diabetes which was a severe issue. 

Gabourey revealed this in her book and shared that the surgery, including lifestyle changes, had made her lose 150 lbs. 

Before that, she tried losing weight naturally but could not. But after the surgery, she changed her whole lifestyle. 

She changed her diet, ate healthily, worked out regularly, and kept herself away from junkies, which contributed to her weight loss journey.

Gabourey Ruined Their Surprise

Gabourey was married to her husband, Brandon Frankel, in 2021. It didn’t come out until she revealed it in one of her interviews in 2022.

She revealed that she didn’t like the idea of marriage and the functions that comes with it. She kept her marriage a secret for a year. 

She also revealed in the same interview that her husband was terrible at planning the surprise. 

She expressed that her husband had a proposed plan to win the pandemic period. 

She said her husband had a room decorated with balloons and wrote 'Will You Marry Me.' 

They were actually about to leave the house for some work when Gabourey saw the light of that room was not shut down. 

So when she went to turn off the light, she saw a surprise that she was not supposed to see. 

Brandon did propose to her, but he said that Gabourey ruined the surprise. 

Gabourey also revealed that she had already seen the engagement ring on their ordinary phone two months before.

Gabourey Wrote A Whole Book On Her Own

Gabourey has her book published on 1 May 2017. She revealed that it took her three whole years to finish the book. 

She expressed that she was proud and cooky about writing the whole book on her own. 

Many books on people’s lifestyles are written by someone else based on the story they tell the writer. 

But in the case of Gabourey, she wrote each word in the book on her own with no helping hand. 

She said that her busiest time was the three years that took her to write that book. 

She also revealed that she wrote the book on her laptop, which was in its last state. 

She revealed that she was working on the book, so she didn’t want to replace the laptop with a new one as it might cause the loss of her book’s data.

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