Who Is Ilaria Gomez? Daughter Of Ilaria Gomez

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Ilaria Gomez is the adopted daughter of Canadian actress and screenwriter Nia Vardalos

Her father’s name is Ian Gomez.  She is an American citizen by nationality.

About Ilaria’s Mother Nia

Nia is a professional actress and screenwriter

She is well known for her role-play as Toula Portokalos in the Comedy movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding

As of 2023, she has appeared in the TV show Chucky as Evelyn Elliott

Nia was born in 1962 to her father, Doreen Christakos, and mother, Constantine Vardalos

She has her birthday on September 24. Her birth name is Antonia Eugenia Vardalos

Ilaria Gomez with her mom, Nia Vardalos.
Ilaria Gomez with her mom, Nia Vardalos. Source: Instagram

Mother Married Life 

Nia is currently unmarried. But she has a boyfriend named Spiros Katsagans, whom she has been dating for two years. 

Previously, she said that she wouldn't reveal the name of her current boyfriend as she wants to keep her current relationship out of the spotlight. 

However, she did make her relationship public and brought her new partner to the red carpet. 

She met him at one of the restaurants in Greece after she was done shooting her movie. 

Before her new boyfriend, she was married to Ian Gomez

The couple met each other way back at comedy improv. 

They tied the knot in 1993 and were husband and wife for over two decades. 

They share a daughter named Ilaria Gomez. Nia and Ian adopted Ilaria in 2008

They were together until 2017 and then got divorced.

Parents of Ilaria Gomez.
Parents of Ilaria Gomez. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Ilaria is currently 16 years old. Her mom has the net first of $ 10 million. Her sources of income are acting and screenwriting

Nia Used Her Grief To Make The Movie

Nia’s film series My Big Fat Greek Wedding is the reason behind her success in her acting career. 

She rose to fame in 2002 after the first part of the movie was released. 

Finally, this year, the third part came out and again managed to grab massive attention from the audience. 

Nia was the movie's writer, actor, and director, and she had a wonderful experience shooting a movie. 

The whole cast of the movie is like a family to her, and getting back together is a beautiful feeling for her. 

Sadly, Michael Constantine, who played the role of Patriarch Gus, passed away and couldn’t make it to the third part. 

Nia and the whole cast missed his presence, and for Nia, it was hard to even talk about. 

She said that Michael and her dad passed away in the same year, so she channeled all of her anguish and created the third part of the movie. 

Nia Adopted Her Daughter

Nia and her former husband adopted their daughter Ilaria in 2008

Nia and her ex decided to adopt after she was unable to have her baby because of some fertility issue.

Nia opened up that everyone she had known suggested adopting an infant when she was trying to adopt. 

They told Nia that if she adopted an infant, she could be with the baby from the very beginning and would be able to experience every moment of the baby’s life. 

However, she didn’t adopt an infant. Her daughter Ilaria was already three years old when she adopted her. 

She got her daughter through American foster care, and after ten years, she got someone to call her mother. 

Even though she couldn’t get the infant and see her beginning days, she is happy that she got to experience many first-time things with her daughter. 

Nia Was Told She Wasn’t Pretty 

Back in 2016, there was news of Jennifer Aniston getting pregnant. 

She was spotted in a bikini, spending time with Justin Theroux in the Bahamas, which created the whole news of pregnancy with her belly photo. 

Jennifer opened up that she wasn’t pregnant and told everyone to stop body shaming. 

In the same matter, Nia admitted that women in Hollywood are always objectified and shamed for their bodies. 

She said that she created My Big Fat Greek after being told by an agent that she wasn’t beautiful enough to be the lead in any movie. 

Also, she was told that she wasn’t healthy enough to fit into character, and that’s when she decided to prove that she could do and be whatever she wanted. 

Nia Gained Weight

Nia and her then-husband Ian lost their hopes of having a baby in 2004. 

The doctors said that they might not be able to conceive, which was heartbreaking for them. 

After that, Nia took a break from her acting career, and because of all the sadness and break from her career, she started gaining weight. 

Also, she started having health problems, which led to diabetes. 

She took the advice of a doctor who suggested her trainer, but instead of following the doctor's suggestions, she decided to make changes independently. 

She changed her lifestyle and started becoming physically productive, which gradually helped her lose weight. 

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