Ilene Rosenbaum

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Ilene Rosenbaum

Ilene Rosenbaum is the mother of famous television personality J.P Rosenbaum. She is married to Peter Rosenbaum.

Ilene Rosenbaum husband
Ilene Rosenbaum husband   Source: Instagram

They together have two sons. They are J.P Rosenbaum and Roy Rosenbaum. 

Ilene was born in the United States of America, and she is an American citizen.

Relationship Status of J.P Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum met Ashley Hebert in season 15 of "The Bachelorette". Ashley was given an option between J.P and Ben Flajnik

Ashley chose Rosenbaum, and they started dating. 

In 2011, Rosenbaum proposed to Ashley Hebert, and the couple got married on 1 December 2012.

The couple welcomed their first child named Fordham Rhys Rosenbaum on 30 September 2014

After two years, they gave birth to their second child Essex Reese Rosenbaum on 4 November 2016

They were happily living together, tackling all the problems together. 

They later vowed to stay together in 2018 in Aruba, but they decided to get separated after two years in 2020

They said they would stay friends and work as partners. 

They will prioritize their children over anything and mutually decided to separate after eight years of marriage.

They filed for divorce in 2021.

J.P Rosenbaum with his wife and children
J.P Rosenbaum with his wife and children  Source: Instagram

J.P Rosenbaum going to separate with Ashley Hebert

J.P and Ashley have been married for 9 years. They met for the first time through a reality show. 

They together had a son and a daughter and together were a happy family until 2018

In 2018, J.P Rosenbaum suffered from a rare disease Guillan-Barre Syndrome which made him temporarily paralyzed. 

This made their family go through many difficult times. It might have been the reason why the couple got separated in 2020. 

They said they would always stay friends and take care of their children. 

After nine months of separation, Rosenbaum filed for divorce in 2021

Currently, their divorce paper has been submitted, and they are waiting for a judge to decide their separation.

About J.P Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum was born on 23 February 1977 in the United States

He is the son Ilene and Peter Rosenbaum. J.P is married to Ashley Hebert, who is a television celebrity just like Rosenbaum

They together have two children. 

They were a happy couple but soon are planning to get divorce. 

J.P became known to public after participating in the reality show "The Bachelorette" with his wife and gained popularity also. 

He was the contestant of seventh season of that show.


Ilene's son Rosenbaum is currently 44 years old.

Net Worth

As of today, the net worth of J.P is about $ 1.5 Million

His source of income is through television. 

The average annual salary of a television personality is $44,683.

J.P Rosenbaum Is Suffering From A Dangerous Disease

In 2019, J.P was seen with the disease named Guillan-Barre Syndrome. 

It is a rare disease that causes the immune system to fall and the nerve gets affected. 

He was even temporarily paralyzed. He was not able to do basic things in his life. 

He was not able to pick up or grab anything. 

The disease made him weak day by day. He was first admitted to the hospital. 

After being discharged from the hospital, he was given physical therapy five days a week. 

He was recovering, but the disease brought some problems in his relationship. 

This might have caused them to separate from each other. 

Ilene Rosenbaum with her grandchild Essex
Ilene Rosenbaum with her grandchild Essex  Source: Instagram

Social Media Comments Got J.P and Ashley To Take Their Daughter To The Hospital

T.V. personality Rosenbaum and Ashley have a son and a daughter. 

They both posted a picture together with their daughter on their social media. 

Many comments were made in those photos. 

Both J.P and Ashley ignored the comments for a time because of many hate and negative comments. 

Soon after, many people started talking about their daughter on the bus. 

People started messaging them and commenting on their posts to take their daughter for a check-up. 

People thought that their daughter had a disease named Torticollis

It is a disease that causes problems in a baby's necks, making them tilt in one side. 

First, they ignored the stuff, but as many people started commenting and messaging, they took their daughter for a check-up. 

It was then found that she had the disease Torticollis. She was then given the helmet to care for it, soon recovering. 

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