Who Is India Arie Parents And Partner?

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Who Is India Arie Parents And Partner?

India Arie is a professional singer and songwriter. She is well known for her song Video, Brown Skin, and The Truth.

She was born in 1975 to her parents, Ralph and Joyce Simpson.

She has her birthday on October 3. She grew up with her sibling, J’On Simpson. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

India Arie and her mom.
India Arie and her mom. Source: Facebook

Marriage And Children

India is unmarried and single, so she doesn't have a husband. 

In 2020, there was news of India dating Chris Tucker for 13 years.

But India shut the rumors, saying that they never dated each other. She admitted that she went on dates for a long time, but nothing romantic happened between them.

Also, she revealed that she had been engaged to one of the ex-partners once, but they ended up breaking up.

Age And Net Worth 

India is 48 years old. She has a net worth of $4 Million. Her source of income is singing. 

Talented India Arie.
Talented India Arie. Source: Instagram

India Wants To Heal People

India is one of the inspiring singers in the music industry. 

She has been in the industry for a long time, and throughout her journey there, she has always been focused on creating music that could inspire and heal people. 

India herself has been down the path of the healing journey for a long time as she has gone through lots of things. 

India opened up and said that she has always wanted to help and heal people and has been doing it through her music. 

Even when she was 21, she wanted to become a conscious elder to help others.

Her songs significantly impact this generation, and seeing that makes her happy and proud.

India Quit Spotify

In 2022, many artists quit Spotify; among them, India was also the one. 

She revealed about her quitting Spotify after Joe Rogan’s racist controversy started. 

There had been many videos of Rogan using the racial slur N-word in his podcast interview, and because of that, many people got offended. 

There was a clip of him using the N-word too many times in his podcast, and because of that, India exited Spotify. 

As an individual, she has always believed that people can speak whatever they want, but listing Joe using racial slurs on such a big platform offended her, so she quit Spotify for good.

Acceptance Made India’s Skin Good

In an interview, India talked about when she had the worst skin rashes. 

It was back in 2012, and it started with just minor rashes on her face. 

Slowly, it started affecting her whole face, and she was left with extensive rashes and bumps. 

She did everything to heal her face, but nothing worked. Her skin got even more damaged when she went to Hawaii. 

She went there to have a good time there, so she watched the volcano and felt good, but when she came down and watched her skin, it was terrible. 

She got furious and frustrated watching her damaged skin, but there was something different in her rage. 

She felt more emotionally calm, and at that moment, she accepted how her skin looked. 

After that, when she reached home, her skin cleared, and she realized she needed acceptance to heal her.

India Was Hurt 

India has won four Grammy awards. She had a great music career and is grateful for everything she has achieved. However, things weren’t the same for her. 

India opened up when she went to her first Grammy Award function, she was only 25. 

She didn’t win the Grammy at that time and was very hurt. She is now a grown-up woman and knows so much about everything, but in the past, she was young and didn’t know much about what was happening. 

She wanted to win but didn’t, so she just went to her room and cried. 

Her mentor, Stevie Wonder, tried to cheer her up and asked her to join dinner, but she couldn’t. 

After that, Stevie called and made her realize that the music business was not as good as young India thought.

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