Who Is India Waters ? Daughter Of Roger Waters

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Who Is India Waters ? Daughter Of Roger Waters

India Waters is the daughter of English singer, songwriter and composer Roger Waters. 

Her mother's name is Carolyne Christie. She has two siblings. India herself is a model by profession. 

She is an English citizen

India Waters's parents Roger Waters and Carolyne Christie
India Waters's parents Roger Waters and Carolyne Christie Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Roger 

Roger is currently married to his wife, Kamilah Chavis.

They tied the knot in 2021

Before that, he had been married to four women. His first marriage was with Judith Trim

They tied the knot in 1969 and stayed as husband and wife till 1975. 

After that, he married Lady Carolyne Christie in 1976

They are parents of two children, a daughter and a son Harry Waters. They ended their marriage in 1992

He then tied the knot with Priscilla Phillips, with whom he has a son, Jack Fletcher. They divorced in 2001

His fourth marriage was with Laurie Durning

Their marriage was short-lived as they ended their marriage in 2015.

Roger Waters with his wife Kamilah Chavis
Roger Waters with his wife Kamilah Chavis Source: Instagram


Roger is 78 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Roger is $310 Million. He earns as being a composer, singer and songwriter. 

India Waters's father Roger Waters
India Waters's father, Roger Waters Source: Instagram

Roger Was An Addict 

In one of the interviews, Roger came up and revealed that he was a drug user in his past. 

He opened up that he was under substance abuse for a very short period of time. 

He was under the influence of nicotine and was a big-time smoker. 

He said that he was addicted to nicotine for almost five years, but later, he left smoking and taking drugs. 

In that interview, he also opened up that his band members used to take drugs, but in comparison to his band members, he was less addicted than them. 

He called his band members druggies. 

He also said that after this revelation about his band member, his band Pink Floyd got more appreciation from people. 

India Waters with her parents Roger Waters and Carolyne Christie and brother Harry Waters
India Waters with her parents Roger Waters and Carolyne Christie, and brother Harry Waters  Source: Instagram

Roger Helped His Friend With His Music 

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Roger opened up about playing music with his homies to help his friend with his art project. 

He started his band, Pink Floyd, as an art band. 

His friend was an art student, and his friend needed installation, and he was hired by his friend to play music for him with his band members. 

He then revealed that his band name was Mega Death previously, and the interviewer was quite shocked to hear that name. 

Roger said that not many people knew them naming Pink Floyd as Mega Death

Roger Spitted On The Audience

In the interview with Howard Stern, Roger opened up about him spitting on the face of his fan. 

The interviewer firstly asked him if it was true or not. 

Roger replied that he was furious at that time, and because of that, he spitted on one of the audience. 

He told that the audience was getting up on the stage, which he didn't like, and he directly spitted on that audience; after that incident, he wanted to build a wall between him and the audience. 

Blamed For Anti- Semitism 

In 2020, Roger was accused of being anti-semitic. 

The reason behind the accusation was because of the comment that he made about Sheldon Adelson, who is a Jewish billionaire. 

He talked about Sheldon in an interview and said that Sheldon is a puppet of Donald Trump.

Not only that, he said many offensive things about Sheldon.

Sheldon believed that other people were only good for serving Jewish people and called him a racist bigot. 

All the things said in the interview made him portray like anti-semitic, and he was accused of antisemitism

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