Who Is Ingrid Quinn? Ex-Wife Of David Boreanaz

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Who Is Ingrid Quinn? Ex-Wife Of David Boreanaz

Ingrid Quinn is the ex-wife of American actor, producer and director David Boreanaz

Ingrid and her ex-husband don’t have any children together. Ingrid is a Social Worker

She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. She is an American citizen.

Ingrid Quinn with her ex-husband David Boreanaz
Ingrid Quinn with her ex-husband David Boreanaz Source: Famous Fix

Married Life of David 

David is married to model Jaime Bergman.

Their wedding took place on 24 November 2001

They married just after a year of dating. They together have a son and a daughter. 

Their son's name is Jaden Rayne, and their daughter's name is Bardota Vita which was later changed to Bella.

Ingrid Quinn's ex-husband David Boreanaz with his wife Jaime Bergman
Ingrid Quinn's ex-husband David Boreanaz with his wife Jaime Bergman Source: Instagram

David Cheated On His Wife

David has completed more than two decades of marriage with his wife, Jaime

When Jamie was pregnant with their second child. 

Darkness took off in their relationship for a while after David confessed that he had been cheating on Jaime for quite a while. 

He expressed that he was cheating on her with Rachel Uchitel

David said that he was having a bad time with himself and his marriage. He was stressed, and his stress took him down. 

In his dark time, he met Rachel, and it all started from there. 

After his confession, he and Jamie had a fight, but they found a way to work their relationship.

David Boreanaz with his parents
David Boreanaz with his parents  Source: Instagram


David is 53 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of David is $30 Million. He has earned as being an  actor, producer and director.

David Went Through Surgery

David was a child when he faced an injury to his left knee while running. 

The same injury became a problem for the actor, and he had to go through surgery to fix it. 

He was working with Angel production at the time of his operations. 

Although he was injured and not totally fine, he continued his work. 

His problem did affect his pace and physical fitness, but he decided to continue his projects.

David Gets Bored Quickly

David revealed in an interview that he is the kind of person who gets bored with series quickly. 

He expressed that after watching a few episodes of the series, he gets bored and loses the series. 

But he did say that he likes the series, which is character-driven. 

According to him, the characters who are staying in the same place and have the same type of role every time, like a doctor, or lawyer, are boring. 

He wants different scenarios and different types of themes every time. 

This was one reasons he has been in his series Bones for a long time. 

He also revealed that he likes classical movies and loves to watch sports, especially sports that have already happened.

David Revealed His Secret

David was asked in an interview about the thing that nobody knew about him, and he had never said in any national show.

He thought for a while, and he revealed his secret. 

He said that he has the habit of taking the ice-cream carton from the refrigerator and microwaving it for a while until it is soft. 

He also expressed that he doesn’t like to leave the ice-cream carton until it is flat. 

So he makes sure that the ice cream is flat inside the carton.

David Faked His Injury

David was out playing hockey with his friends as he frequently does. 

But one time, he had something in his mind. He decided to fake an injury. 

He stuck fake plastic stitches in his face and posted on Instagram, saying he was hit by pucks while playing. 

Although it was fake, his family and fans were worried about him. 

He and his family started getting calls, and people started texting him to take care.

But at the end of the day, he removed his fake stitches.

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