Who is Isaac Shingange? Half-Brother Of Trevor Noah

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Isaac Shingange is the brother of famous south African comedian and well-known television personality Trevor Noah.

The date of birth or Birthday related information of Isaac is not known. 

However, he was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Isaac Shingange's mother, Patricia and brother Trevor Noah
Isaac Shingange's mother, Patricia and brother Trevor Noah Source: Instagram

Family, Parents, And Siblings

Isaac was born to his mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo and father, Ngisaveni Abel Shingange.

Isaac's mother was married twice. She was married to Sfiso Khoza after her divorce from Ngisaveni due to his abusive behavior. 

Altogether, this family has three sons—two from Ngisaveni and another from Sfiso

Andrew Shingange is the biological brother, and Trevor Noah is his half-brother from his mother's second husband, Sfiso.

Isaac Shingange's brother Trevor Noah
Isaac Shingange's brother Trevor Noah Source: Instagram


Isaac has kept most of his personal information private. The information regarding his age is not available. 

However, his brother is a 5feet and 8 inches, tall guy.

Net Worth 

The details about Isaac's profession are not mentioned. However, one of the websites has estimated his net worth to be $1 million. 

His brother Trevor is a famous comedian. His brother's fame is enough to know him. 

His brother has earned a good amount of income. His net worth is estimated to be $100 by 2022.

Isaac's Mother Was Shot Twice By Her Husband

Ngisaveni Abel Shingane is his stepfather. Shingane abused Trevor and his mother very badly. 

Her husband shot Patricia. Her husband shot her in the leg and head twice. 

A bullet passed through the base of the head. 

Luckily her spinal cord, brain, major nerves and blood vessels were safe. 

Isaac's mom is the survivor of such a big. 

Shingane, after that incident, was prisoned for three years for an attempt to murder. 

Trevor often talks about his mother and her story. He also talked about all things in his stand-up comedy. 

He said in an interview that she is the real hero of his life and the reason for his success. 

She inspires him for each of the things he is doing in his life.

Trevor Jokes With Famous BTS Group At Grammy Award

A video posted by Recording Academy went viral. It got one million overviews. 

Trevor seems to be joking with the world's biggest band, BTS, a Korean Band. 

Trevor talked about rumors there. The rumor about BTS is that they learned English by watching the Friends Series

And the rumor is a lesser-known fact. They learned English from friends. 

Kim Namjoon from BTS, known as RM, said that their Friends are his English Parents. 

He found himself as Chandler. When Chandler seems sad, it makes RM sad. He loves BTS. 

Is Isaac Dating Someone?

Similar to other personal information, the information related to dating and girlfriend of Noah is also missing. 

He has kept this information super secret. Moreover, his brother's dating history is interesting. 

In 2014, Trevor dated a South African physiotherapist, Dani Gabriel. 

The rumor spread about their engagement which was just a rumor. 

After a year of marriage, they ended up their relationship in 2015. 

After that relationship, he dated singer and model Jordyn Taylor. 

They dated for four years, but sadly this relationship did not work. 

Same as the first one, this relationship also ended up with a breakup. In 2020, Trevor met Minka Kelly.

She is an American actress and model. She is 41 years old

They have been together since 2020; however, some social sites posted about their break this May 2022. 

Why Does Trevor Not Like To Live Together With His Partner?

In an interview with Howard Stern on his channel, The Howard Stern Show. 

Trevor was asked about living together with his partner. 

He replied with an interesting answer that he is not opposed to marriage, but he is against living together.

He believes the biggest reason for the divorced and failed relationship is cohabiting of marriage and relationships.

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